Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

N Surnames

Nasworthy, Jerry, to Mattie Warren, July 22, 1922. By J. J. Musslewhite, M. G.
Nasworthy, John, to Mrs. Annie Mitchell, Oct. 24, 1893. By J. E. Lee, J. P.
Nation, George D., to Carrie Ovens, May 11, 1930. By P. T. Holloway, M. G.
Nazerest, Samuel, to Martha Ann Lawson, July 20, 1860. By F. J. B. Brown, Ordy. Lawrence Co.
Neal, William P., to Caroline Martin, Oct. 21, 1869. By Robert E. Mills, M. G.
Neal, F. A., to Mollie Stokes, Sept. 14, 1873. By T. F. Walker, J. P.
Neal, John, to Julia Watts, Dec. 20, 1896. By D. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Neely, Anothy, to Mary Jane Wade, July 4, 1875. By David W. Harvard, J. P.
Nelms, John, to Caroline Rodes, July 1, 1862. By McGilley Barker, J. P.
Nelson, Ab., to Nettie Stephens, Dec. 14, 1906. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nelson, Charlie L., to Lula Brown, Oct. 20, 1904. By J. A. Nelson, M. G.
Nelson, Claud Clinton, to Mamie Lee Owens, Dec. 29, 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Nelson, Clayton, to Emma Vaughn, Dec. 18, 1890. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nelson, Earnest, to Hattie Dorminy, Dec. 30, 1907. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Nelson, Emmett E., to Floy Johnson, Dec. 24, 1930. By J. M. Woodward, M. G.
Nelson, H. Grady, to Racheal Buchan, May 19, 1928. By J. M. Woodward, M. G.
Nelson, J. D., to Mattie Sparrow, Oct. 24, 1915. By Geo. W. Nobles, M. G.
Nelson, James D., to Ada Churchwell, Dec. 22, 1892. By J. T. Evans, M. G.
Nelson, James D., to Maud Hobbs, Jan. 25, 1927. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nelson, John, to Elizabeth Sherran, Sept. 27, 1820. By Jesse Cannon, J. P.
Nelson, John T., to Fannie L. Pollock, Dec. 22, 1877. By R. E. Reynolds, J. P.
Nelson, Norman. to Bertha Bridges, July 18, 1899. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nelson, Solomon, to Elizabeth Biggs, March 1, 1821. By Furney F. Gatlin, J. P.
NeSmith, Daniel W., to Mrs. Francis Clark, May 30, 1912. By W. J. Hardy, M. G.
NeSmith, Garrett, to Theresa Bacon, Jan. 24, 1886. By Arch. Harris, M. G.
NeSmith, J. Arthur, to Gertrude Jones, June 23, 1907. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
NeSmith, Jesse, to Lola Graham, March 20, 1904. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P.
NeSmith, John G., to Amanda Stokes, Dec. 17, 1899. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
NeSmith, John T., to Agnes S. Bacon, Oct. 11, 1881. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
NeSmith, Monroe, to Donee Jones, Nov. 4, 1900. By T. J. Meadows, J. P.
NeSmith, Rufus, to Willie Belle Asbell, June 11, 1922. By H. H. Smith, J. P.
NeSmith, Simeon G., to Elizabeth Garrett, Dec. 7, 1876. By Archibald Harris, M. G.
Newberger, Herman, to Mamie Reiser, April 6, 1879. By H. H. Whitfield, J. C. C. P. C.
Newman, Alonza M., to Fannie R. Lee, Sept. 19, 1875. By D. N. Farm, M. G.
Newman, A. W. to Mollie E. Conner, June 11. 1872. By W. F. Jordan, M. G.
Newman, Arthur, to Martha Sanders, Oct. 26, 1881. By R. O. Holton, M. G.
Newman, Charlie, to Queen E. Mock, Jan. 7, 1841. By Wiley Holder, J. P.
Newman, Clarence, to Mattie Belle Aikins, Dec. 20, 1925. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Newman, H. J., to Georgia Pittman, Sept. 24, 1933. By R. M. Cobb, J. P.
Newman, Jack L., to Belle Meadows, Feb. 8, 1903. By J. M. Pritchett, M. G.
Newman, J. O., to Mrs. Bessie Ross, June 12, 1927. By Elder H. B. Coleman.
Newman, Jesse C., to Mrs. Ellafair Jones, Sept. 2, 1890. By J. S. Evans, M. G.
Newman, Jim J., to Lelia Strickland. Dec. 12, 1927. By D. H. Holt. J. P.
Newman, John, to Emma Love, Sept. 10, 1877. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Newman, Osker C., to Bessie Mae Ivey, Aug. 15, 1925. By S. D. Bowen, Ordy. Dodge Co.
Newman, Robert L., to Chrysoleta Clark, April 9, 1892. By J. W. Domingoes, M. G.
Newman, Robert W., to D. Davis, Sept. 11, 1928. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Newman, Samuel T., to Mollie Vaughn, Feb. 21, 1892. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Newman, Wright, to Elizabeth Williams, Dec. 28, 1872. By Daniel J. McGee, M. G.
Newman, Z. A., to Mrs. Ida Mae Nobles, July 23, 1930. By Rev. Oscar Walker.
Newman, Zachariah, to Georgia Nobles, Nov. 7, 1900. By S. J. Nobles, M. G.
Newsome, George W., to Annie R. Coleman, Nov. 16, 1904. By J. O. A. Cook, M. G.
Newsome, James T., to Lana Pipkin, Jan. 3, 1911. By J. B. Griner, M. G.
Newsome, Robert Lee, to Jesse Mangham, Dec. 13, 1908. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Newsome, Robert Lee, to Martha Hall, Jan. 27, 1904. By J. O. A. Cook, M. G.
Newsome, William, to Anna A. Cauthon, Oct. 23, 1839. By James Williamson, M. G.
Newton, Isaac D., to Louisiana B. Loyd, Nov. 6, 1831. By John ‘Bozeman, J. I. C.
Nichols, Allen L., to May Phillips, March 3, 1818. By Jennie Roach, J. P.
Nichols, David G., to Martha Britt, Aug. 17, 1865. By David Buchan, J. P.
Nichols, David J., to Rebecca A. Foskey, Oct. 7, 1884. By W. W. Fowler, M. G.
Nichols, Virgin, to Selah Ann Spears, Feb. 15, 1821. By W. Lancaster, J. P.
Nichilson, James, to Catherine Pearce, June 16, 1868. By Shade Graham, J. P.
Nicholson, Malcolm, to Mary Averett, March 2, 1826. By J. Isler, J. P.
Nickles, Robert, to Emily Haskins, Feb. 10, 1870. By Robert G. Mills, M. G.
Nighton, Joseph A., to Martha Ann Swearengen, June 16, 1861. By L. Thompson, J. P.
Nipper, Elisha, to Mary Joiner, July 11, 1832. By James Brown, J. P.
Nipper, Henry Lee, to Zackie Carmack, Dec. 23, 1930. By A. Walters.
Nipper, Theo A., to Bessie C. Polhill, June 12, 1926. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Nix, Eli, to Luzar Shepard, June 30, 1831. By James Dykes, J. P.
Noble, Samuel, to Mary Thompson, April 7, 1823. By D. Cornwell, J. P.
Nobles, A. W., to Minnie Lamb, Feb. 8, 1903. By W. B. Richardson, J. P.
Nobles, Bryant F., to Sarah L. Vincent, Dec. 12, 1886. By T. G. Hobbs, M. G.
Nobles, Cullin, to Jane Johnson, May 5, 1839. By Simeon Russ, J. P.
Nobles, Cullin, to Pearley Shepherd, March 28, 1909. By B. F. Horne, M. G.
Nobles, Frederick F., to Elizabeth Smith, Dec. 4, 1884. By Geo. F. Powell, M. G.
Nobles, G. R., to Kizzie McKinney, Sept. 4, 1898. By W. F. Brown, J. P.
Nobles, General J., to Viola Pipkin, March 28, 1902. By W. B. Richardson, J. P.
Nobles, George, to Lula Bell, Aug. 12, 1894. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Nobles, George, to Sarah J. Howell, Dec. 26, 1875. By J. F. Barber, N. P.
Nobles, George, to Julia Foggs, Dec. 12, 1909. By A. C. Pipkin, J. P.
Nobles, George W., to Margaret Conner, April 24, 1910. By S. J. Nobles, M. G.
Nobles, J. Cullen, to Mrs. Georgia Williams, May 26, 1907. By C. McKinney, J. P.
Nobles, James, to Ellen Sheppard, Aug. 9, 1914. By J. Ross Rogers, J. P.
Nobles, James, to Harriett Nelson, April 12, 1857. By R. F. DeLamar, J. I. C.
Nobles, James I., to Marietta Hobbs, April 5, 1896. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nobles, John C., to Bettie L. Cooper, Oct. 4, 1904. By W. T. Brown, J. P.
Nobles, John Cullen, to Mrs. Lou Faircloth, Sept. 21, 1904. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Nobles, Joseph H., to Jimmie Lee Etheridge, Sept. 20, 1919. By S. J. Nobles, M. G.
Nobles, John H., to Lula Howell, Feb. 28, 1895. By James E. Barrs, M. G.
Nobles, Joseph E., to Sallie Fogg, Nov. 12, 1905. By G. W. Nobles, M. G.
Nobles, John W., to Fannie Davis, July 20, 1902. By S. J. Davis, M. G.
Nobles, Louis, to Mollie Kirkpatrick, Oct. 7, 1894. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nobles, Low, to Hattie Worthington, Nov. 18, 1880. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nobles, Redding G., to Polly Ann Simms, Aug. 23, 1849. By James D. MeCullers, J. P.
Nobles, S. J., to Artha Ann Horne, Jan. 31, 1909. By W. H. Holmes, M. G.
Nobles, John W., to Ida Mae Aikens, Aug. 5, 1915. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nobles, Joseph, to Caroline E. Smith, March 21, 1842. By Daniel Dupree, J. P.
Nobles, Samuel, to Mary C. Argo, Aug. 12, 1857. By S. M. Manning, J. P.
Nobles, Simon, to Julia Wagoner, April 13, 1919. By L. J. Hogset, J. P.
Nobles, Thomas W., to Laura Phillips, May 14, 1884. By J. N. Nobles, M. G.
Nobles, William, to Sarah Wood, Aug. 23, 1848. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Nobles, William, to Lilie Barfield, March 20, 1922. By S. B. Register, M. G.
Nobles, Willie, to Mrs. J. P. Horne, Oct. 5, 1904. By W. W. Howell, M. G.
Nobles, William J., to Feruby Woods, June 16, 1887. By T. J. Hobbs, M. G.
Nobles, William F., to Pollie N. Tripp, Feb. 20, 1879. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Nolan, Herbert I., to Ossie Lanier, July 6, 1913. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Noblet, Oscar, to Maggie Watson, Dec. 22, 1929. By J. D. Means, J. P.
Noles, W. H., to Eula Mae McDonald, June 28. 1931. By L. L. Bullington, M. G.
Norris, Charlie C., to Lelia Teague, Feb. 22, 1921. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Norris, J. E., to Janie Hinson, July 30, 1911. By J. R. Smith, J. P.
Norris, Thomas D., to Rosa Bell Legg, Feb. 18, 1912. By Francis McCullough, M. G.
Nosworthy, George, to Belle Williams, July 31, 1914. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nosworthy, H. G., to Lizzie Haire, July 21, 1934. By J. W. Harris, J. P.
Nosworthy, William, to Mrs. Drucilla Horne, March 10, 1895. By George W. Stapleton, M. G.
Nutt, George, to Jessie Carroll, Dec. 4, 1927. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nutt, Harry, to Della Crosier, Dec. 12, 1893. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Nutt, John N., to Susie Nobles, Sept. 16, 1875. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Nutt, Matthew W., to Henrietta Dupree, April 21, 1856. By F. L. Harris, J. P.
Nutt, Warren H., to Mary D. Bryant, Aug. 17, 1862. By J. M. Wood, J. P.
Nutt, William, to Mary Smith, June 16, 1829. By Wiley Kent, J. P.

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