Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

K Surnames

Kah, George C., to Lucy S. Wallace, Feb. 17, 1876. By D. R. McWilliams, M. G.
Kean, William, to Nancy Roan, April 5, 1821. By Conrad Augley, J. P.
Kee, J. E., to Annie Bell Adkins, Feb. 25, 1912. By J. H. Tripp, J. P.
Keen, J. P., to Edna Bowen, June 10, 1928. By W. H. Ketchum, M. G.
Keene, George W., to Harriett Taylor, Dec. 7, 1862. By J. M. Wood, J. P.
Keen, Uriah, to Sarah Hendley, Dec. 20, 1840. By Arthur Phelps, J. P.
Kein, William L., to Martha Taylor, Sept. 8, 1861. By J. M. Wood, J. P.
Kellam, Richard, to Elinor Mobley, Dec. 15, 1866. By George Dupree, J. P.
Kellam, Russell, to A. E. Baskin, Dec. 19, 1867. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Kelley, James, to Milbery Hawthorne, Sept. 3, 1819. By Isiah Shire, M. G.
Kellum, John F., to Mattie S. Coley, Oct. 7, 1884. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Kellum, Amasato, to Mary Taylor, Jan. 4, 1825. By Jacob Watson, J. I. C.
Kelly, James K. P., to Sarah E. Harman, Feb. 5, 1865. By M. Barber, J. P.
Kelly, Wade, to Jenny Varner, Nov. 1, 1821. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Kelsey, Wilbur F., to Lizzie T. McCrea, Feb. 20, 1884. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Kemp, L. W., to N. J. Faulk. Nov. 18, 1888. By D. G. Pope, M. G.
Kemp, Melton, to Ann Allice Willis, Dec. 25, 1882. By B. C. Bacon, M. G.
Kemp, Willard F., to Julia Davidson, Feb. 6, 1881. By John T. Aide, J. P.
Kennedy, William M., to Mary Wilcox, Dec. 3, 1840. By Daniel Campbell, J. P.
Kent, A. C., to Mrs. Ella Nichols, Nov. 17, 1887. By J. M. Lamb, J. P.
Kent, Columbus, to Georgia Martin, June 12, 1884. By J. M. Lamb, J. P.
Kent, M. G., to Alena Smith, May 14, 1927. By Alger Haskins, Ordy.
Kersey, George W., to Lucy Barron, March 12, 1899. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Kennedy, Thomas G., to Elizabeth Davis, July 27, 1856. By Duncan Daniel, J. P.
Kersey, Linton S., to Mrs. Ida Keen, Aug. 21, 1909. By G. G. Harvey, J. P.
Key, James, to Acee Busey, Nov. 27, 1833. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Key, Warren, to Lucinda Edge, Oct. 12, 1829. By John B. Bush. J. P.
Kibbee, D. E., to Sarah Collier, April 6. 1869. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Kilgore, Jefferson S., to Annie Busbee, Oct. 11, 1903. By John M. Carroll, J. P.
Killiebrew, James H., to Lilie Brown, Feb. 9, 1897. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Killiebrew, Willie F., to Fannie F. Griffin. April 7, 1898. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Kellam. Etherldridge, to Caroline Snell, Nov. 2, 1830. By R. Withington. J. P.
Kimberley, Clifford B., to Cleo C. Cat-roll, Nov. 6, 1904. By. John D. Vaughn, M. G.
Kimberley, Dandy, to Alice Davis, Nov. 4, 1909. By P. H. Crumpler, M. G.
Kimberley, James S. to Mattie Allen, Dec. 30, 1904. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Kimsey, E. B., to Mae Patterson, Jan. 16, 1927. By Rev. R. E. Brown.
Kinard, John, to Zilpha Murphey, Nov. 20, 1818. By Furney F. Gatlin, J. P.
Kinchen, James lsreal, to Mary Elizabeth Powers, March 2, 1843. By B. B. Dykes, J. I. C.
Kinchen, W. H., to Anna Newmans, Dec. 8, 1874. By M. N. McCall, M. G.
Kinchen, W. Hardy, to Maggie Jones, July 12, 1881. By A. C. Pate, J. S. C. O. C.
Kinchen, John Hawk., to Mattie Lee Buchan, Jan. 1 1911. By Wade H. Parks, M. G.
King, Alexander A., to Mattie Johnson, Aug. 15, 1885. By T. B. Green, J. P.
King, Allen, to Frances Mann, July 10, 1853. By Reubin Runnell, J. P.
King, Archibald H., to Clara Cornelia Collins, Nov. 18, 1934. By Joseph W. Lee, M. G.
King, B. J., to D. A. Findley, Dec. 28, 1906. By W. B. Richardson, J. P.
King, Calvin, to Elizabeth Peavy, Jan. 23, 1842. By William B. Cone, J. I. C.
King, Charles N., to Ida M. Harrell, Dec. 5, 1886. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
King, Eliphalet, to Lucen King, March, 1820. By William Mayo, J. P.
King, George R., to Ida Brinkley, Feb. 25, 1900. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
King, Hardy F., to Carrie Brown, Dec. 28, 1902. By R. A. Wilson, M. G.
King, Henery, to Elizebeth Lee, April 7, 1817. By Samuel Robinson, J. P.
King, Henry, to Eastern Jones, Jan. 25, 1819. By Joseph Wood, J. I. C.
King, Hiram A., to Josephine E. Kilsey, Jan. 6, 1907. By W. P. King, M. G.
King, Isaac, to Jane Buckner, June 26, 1873. By Ballam Brown, M. G.
King, John, to Mary Wheelas, June 5, 1872. By R. O. Holder, M. G.
King, John, to Hollan Jones, March 20, 1830. By Wm. Mayo, J. P.
King, Joseph, to Elizabeth Justice, Aug. 11, 1846. By John Lee, J. P.
King, Joseph, to Elmira B. Love, Jan. 7, 1858. By S. M. Manning, J. I. C.
King, Joseph, to Nancy Lee, Nov. 16, 1855. By Adam Scarborough, J. I. C.
King, Levi G., to Lydia Braswell, Sept. 26, 1852. By Calvin Minchew, J. P.
King, Matthew, to Sarah Fields, Oct. 26, 1865. By John M. Fields, M. G.
King, Thomas, to Cornelia Love, Nov. 10, 1857. By S. M. Manning, J. I. C.
King, Thomas, to Emma Simmons, Feb. 23, 1908. By W. E. Darsey, M. G.
King, U. S., to Mrs. Lila Watson, March 18, 1900. By R. VanDeventer, M. G.
King, William, to Sallie King, March 12, 1927. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
King, William Horace, to Winnerfrice Buttriel Sutten, July 1819. By Jno. T. Harvard, J. P.
King, William B., to Eva J. Conner, Jan. 8, 1903. By John A. Wray, M. G.
King, Willie Andrew, to Julia Belle Crozier, Sept. 23, 1923. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Kingsley, Charles, to Mary Ann Paris, Sept. 14, 1820. By W. Lancaster, J. P.,
Kingsley, Gennat, to Lucretia Coleman, Feb. 13, 1820. By W. Lancaster, J. P.
Kirk, Daniel H., to Sallie L. Davis, Jan. 9, 1881. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Kirk, Wm. W., to Nina Braddy, Nov. 13, 1906. By C. L. Greaves, M. G.
Kirkland, Daniel R., to R. Snell. Oct. 13, 1814. By Stephen Gatlin, J. I. C.
Kirkland, Daniel, to Mary Singleton, Jan. 10, 1823. By D. Cromwell, J. P.
Kirkland, Moses, to Elizebeth Dykes, March 1, 1821. By James Allen, J. P.
Kirkpatrick, Claiborn, to Emma Sheppard, Dec. 10, 1905. By J. B. Brown, M. G.
Kirkpatrick, Harrison, to Fannie Brinkley, Jan. 28, 1894. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Kirkpatrick, Henry, to Jimmie Simmons, Jan. 9, 1931. By N. B. Lane, J. P.
Kirkpatrick, Henry H., to Carrie McDougle, Dec. 18, 1921. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Kirkpatrick, John D., to Mary Nolan, Jan. 22, 1893. By J. E. Lee, J. P.
Kirkpatrick, Luther H., to Mrs. Vera Vaughn, Feb. 15, 1934. By H. I. Pipkin, J. P.
Kirkpatrick, Will Sam., to Orleana Pipkin, Dec. 27, 1903. By J. B. Brown, M. G.
Kirsey, Isaac, to Lovey Churchwell’, April 13, 1815. By Wm. Oneal, J. I. C.
Kirksey, James, to Martha A. E. Germany, June 16, 1841. By Wiley Holder, J. I. C.
Kitchens, B. C., to Nolie Mae Jaudon, Nov. 30, 1922. By P. J. Pinson, M. G.
Kitchens, George, to Maggie Roberson, July 20, 1929. By Rev. H. H. Haines.
Kitchens, Jacob, to Mrs. Cherry Ann Davis, July 27, 1886. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Kitchens, John H., to Lula Tender, Oct. 14, 1906. By W. F. Mullis, J. P.
Knight, Asa, to Lou Mitchell, Sept. 9, 1888. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Knight, Alford M., to Nancy E. Watson, May 26, 1872. By J. A. Holder, N. P.
Knight, Benjamin F., to Lizzie Ward, Sept. 3, 1896. By W. H. Singletary, M. G.
Knight, Benjamin, to Elizabeth Coody, Sept. 8, 1877. By S. M. Blount, N. P.
Knight, E. D., to Mrs. Harriett Denton, Feb. 8, 1899. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Knight, Harmon, to Clyde Wilson, Dec. 28, 1922. By J. O. Mixon, J. P.
Knight, Henry, to Pearly Holt, Dec. 18, 1898. By E. C. J. Dicklers, M. G.
Knight, John B., to Mary Armstrong, May 27, 1876. By S. M. Blount, J. P.
Knight, Seaborn, to Laura Love, Dec. 19, 1874. By A. D. Sermonds, M. G.
Knight, Thomas, to Pearley Perkins, Aug. 9, 1903. By C. E. Sanders, J. P.
Knight, W. A., to Irene Alligood, Dec. 23, 1923. By H. M. Blanketship.
Knighton, Benjamin F., to Ida Hobbs, Dec. 28, 1898. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P.
Knighton, James J., to Nancy E. Hodges, Aug. 12, 1853. By Robert E. Mills, M. G.
Knighton, John, to Icey Butler, March 14, 1853. By D. C. McPhail, J. P.
Knighton, Josiah, to Sarah Morris, Jan. 18, 1849. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Knighton, Otis, to Elizabeth Davis, Feb. 24, 1901. By G. B. Birdsong, J. P.
Knowles, Homer D., to Alberta M. Smith, Oct. 14, 1909. By Chas. H. Nash, M. G.
Krentz, Fitzloo, to Lula Mae McDaniel, Sept. 13, 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.

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