18th District, 4th Section, Cherokee

1 William Myhand, sol., Kellum’s, Talbot*
2 Samuel Standridge, Chaptain’s, Habersham.
3 George W. Owens, 494th, Upson.
4 Sarah Abbot, w., Groce’s, Bibb.
5 William F. Crew, Peurifoy’s, Henry.*
6 Levina E. Brady, w., Harp’s, Stewart.
7 John Spears, r. s., Nesbit’s, Newton.*
8 William Hobbs, Coxe’s, Talbot.*
9 John T. Webb, 687th, Lee.*
10 Robert Wood, a. i. w., Colley’s, Madison.
11 William J. Wright, Norris’s, Monroe.
12 Elizabeth Walker, w. r. s., Mason’s, Washington.
13 Wiley.G. Sammons, Lamp’s, Jefferson.
14 Andrew Lay’s ors., 607th, Taliaferro.
15 (fr.) George Nead, Sen., r. s., 9th, Effingham.
16 Willis Roberts, Seal’s, Elbert.
17 Thomas Baker, Johnson’s, De Kalb.
18 Edward Williams, Burnett’s, Habersham
19 Charles Warren, M. Brown’s, Abraham *
20 John Epperson, sol., Mangum’s, Franklin.*
21 Catharine Patten, w. s. i. w., Colley’s, Madison.
22 William R. M’Canless, Hughes’s, Habersham.*
23 Francis M’Waters, M’Culler’s, Newton.*
24 Joshua Rainwater, Burgess’s, Carroll *
25 Lewis Johnson, Gibson’s, Decatur.
26 Thomas Clark’s ors., Edward’s, Franklin.*
27 Ann Leslie, w., Sullivan’s, Jones.
28 (fr.) Jeremiah M. Williams, Griffin’s, Fayette.
29 (fr.) Cullen Cowart, 49th, Emanuel.
30 Irby Gilder, Britt’s, Randolph.*
31 William Smith, Waltze’s, Morgan.*
32 Jacob Little, 687th, Sumter.
33 John Gray’s ors., Russell’s, Henry.*
34 Jacob Beck, M’Gehee’s, Troup.*
35 William Pitts, Kellum’s, Elbert.*
36 Mary Smith, w. r. s., Newsom’s, Warren
37 Silas S. Baker, Dyer’s, Habersham.
38 Benjamin Long, Herndon’s, Hall.*
39 Joseph M’Brayer, Mullen’s, Carroll.*
40 James Gilmer, Sen., r. s., Martin’s, Hall.*
41 David C. Rosie, Few’s, Muscogee.
42 Cyrus W. Cotton, Allen’s, Bibb.*
43 Thomas C. Brown, 106th, Hancock.
44 Seaborn J. Weaver, Hines’s, Coweta.*
45 Anderson Barrett, 249th, Walton.*
46 William Stotsberry, or., Valleau’s, Chatham.
47 Nancy Richardson, w., Adams’s, Columbia.
48 John Holder, Reid’s, Gwinnett.*
49 Harman Kirkpatrick, Hargrove’s, Newton.*
50 Livingston Gaines’s ors., 365th, Jasper.
51 William Gibson’s ors., 588th, Upson.
52 Hardy Pace, sol., Harris’s, De Kalb.
53 (fr.) Elizabeth Lane, w., Stanton’s, Newton.
54 (fr.) Mary H. Brown, w., 1st, Chatham.*
55 James Edmondson, M’Craney’s, Lowndes.
56 Job Bird, Morgan’s, Madison.*
57 Jane Jones, w., Young’s, Wilkinson.*
58 John A. Bachelor, or. of Eli, 454th, Walton
59 John Hare, Pounds’s, Twiggs.*
60 Quilley Taylor, Clinton’s, Campbell.
61 James Brown, Graves’s, Lincoln.*
62 Thomas C. Weekley, Edwards’s, Talbot.*
63 Charles H. Rice Houston, Candler’s, Bibb
64 John IT. Fletcher, Huey’s, Harris.*
65 (fr.) William Mecombs, Mimms’s, Fayette.
66 (fr.) Robert Hamilton, Hamilton’s, Hall.
67 Milley Coleman, 72d, Burke.*
68 Owen F. Jackson, 672d, Harris.
69 Thomas Brice, Daniel’s, Hall.
70 Solomon Birdwall, 320th, Baldwin.*
71 Marving Whatley, Sen., Few’s, Muscogee.
72 Thomas Smith’s ors., Phillips’s, Talbot.
73 James Mulkey’s or., Ballard s, Morgan.
74 William S. Bell, 271st, M’Intosh
75 John Rogers, sol., Johnson’s, Warren.*
76 William Watson, M’Ewin’s, Monroe *
77 Josiah Daniel, Rainey’s, Twiggs.
78 Eliza A. Cooler, or., Cleland’s, Chatham*
79 Asa Thompson’s 4 orphans, Sutton’s, Habersham.
80 Wile y K. Jones’s ors., Tuggle’s, Merriwether.*
81 John Rainey, Dean’s, De Kalb.
82 David B. Butler, Candler’s, Bibb .*
83 Thomas H. Baker, Sparks’s, Washington*
84 James Bo yd’s ors., 248th, Jackson*
85 James Finer, Adams’s, Columbia.*
86 (fr.) William Owenby’s ors., Phillips’s, Jasper.*
87 (fr.) Norman M’Donald, Crow’s, Merriwether.
88 Angus M’Leod, Blair’s, Lowndes.
89 William S. M’Cord, Hampton’s, Newton.
90 Joshua Barnes, Thomas’s, Crawford.*
91 Robert W. Carlisle, Stanton’s, Newton*
92 James Walker, M’Clain’s, Newton.*
93 Jesse Ammons, Copeland’s, Houston.*
94 Peggy Collom, w., Hamilton’s, Hall.*
95 James Ballard, 74th, Burke .*
96 (fr.) Caleb Garrison, s. l. w., Garner’s, Coweta.
97 (fr.) James Lankford, Miller’s, Ware.
98 Marcus N. Ellis, Ellsworth’s, Bibb.
99 John Brewster, 406th, Gwinnett.*
100 Maria Smith, w., Newby’s, Jones.*
101 Desier Stroud, Bostick’s, Twiggs.*
102 John M. Linn, Bishop’s, Henry*
103 Levi Phillips, r. a., Higginbotham’s, Carroll
104 Joshua Spooner, 35th, Scriven.*
105 John Turner, George’s, Appling.
106 Augustus Myddelton, 22d, M’Intosh.*
107 Levin Walker, Atkinson’s, Coweta.*
108 James Miller, Monk’s, De Kalb.
109 John Hopkins’s ors., 175th, Wilkes .*
110 Mary Stevens, h. a., Barker’s, Gwinnett.*
111 James Barton, Seay’s, Hall.*
112 William M’Elhenney, Jr., 373d, Jasper.*
113 (fr.) Larkin Satterfield, Jones’s, Haberaham.*
114 (fr.) John Wilson M’Gehee, Taylor’s, Jones.*
115 Robert Berry, Evans’s, Fayette.*
116 Benjamin Clemments, Price’s, Hall.
117 Joseph Robinson, 141st, Greene.
118 Francis 0. Black, Holton’s, Emanuel.
119 Arthur S, Cook, Polhill’s, Burge *
120 Mary Tubberville, or., Cleland’s, Chatham
121 (fr.) Daniel Mayor,. Thomas’s, Clarke,
122 (fr.) Ebenezer Harris, 334th, Wayne.*
123 Matthew T. Phillips, 555th, Upson.*
124 Charles C. M’Kinley, 588th, Upson,
125 William G, Jones, M’Coy’s, Houston
126 Eldrid T. Jordan, Colley’s, Oglethorpe.
127 George W. R. Stone, Miller’s, Ware.
128 Nancy Lee, w., 148th, Greene,
129 (fr.) Ford Butler, sol., Griffin’s, Merriwether.*
130 John Abney, Miller’s, Jackson.*
131 Alfred Hicks, Sutton’s, Habersham.*
132 William Burge, 404th, Gwinnett.
133 Isaac Waldravin, sol., 656th, Troup
134 (fr.) Samuel Garlick’s ors., Roe’s, Burke.
135 (fr.) Roger Q. Dickinson, 606th, Taliaferro.
138 Nathan E. Batchlor, Maguire’s, Morgan
137 James A. Murray’s or., 2d, Chatham.
138 Zachariah Williamson, Sullivan’s, Jones.
139 William Whilton, Mays’s, Monroe.
140 (fr.) Anderson F. Thomason, Smith’s, Campbell.
141 Lydia Thompson, w., Burnett’s, Habersham.
142 John Townsend, Studstill’s, Lowndes,
143 Henry W. Ross, 417th, Walton.*
144 Edwin Goodson, Robison’s, Washington.*
145 (fr.) Thomas Grimsley, Tuggle’s, Merriwether.
146 Henry Haynes, Sutton’s, Habersham.
147 Wiley P. Heard, Lane’s, Morgan.
148 (fr) James V. Martin, 145th, Greene,
149 (fr.) Martha Murrill, Valleau’s, Chatham*
150 Simeon Gutry, Hatson’s, Newton.
151 John P. Buckelew, Derrick’s, Henry.*
152 (fr.) Henry S. Ray, Johnson’s, Bibb.
153 Henry Claibone, Edwards’s, Talbot.
154 Hannah Deason, w. r. a., Clinton’s, Campbell.

MLA Source Citation:

Smith, James F. The Cherokee Land Lottery: containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate Drawers in said Lottery, With an Engraved Map of Each District. New York. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 18 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/georgia/18th-district-4th-section-cherokee.htm - Last updated on Jan 28th, 2013

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