Rogers Family Records

Frederick Hosmer Rogers

(II) Frederick Hosmer: b. 1871; m. Ellen W. Stephens. Ch.: Leland Frederick (1901).
(2) Joseph: 1646-1697; m. Sarah …..
(A) James: 1672-1721; m. Sarah Stevens.
(a) James: 1717-1790; m. Mehitable Newbury.
1. Stevens: 1758-1811; m. Abigail Powers.
A. Stevens: 1789-1868; m. Mary Rogers; served in the Navy during the War of 1812.
a. James Stevens: 1825-1899; m. Henrietta Gay. Ch.: Charles Stevens (1876).
2. Isaac: 1762-1840; m. Mary Griffin; served in the Revolutionary Army.
A. James: 1787-1851; m. Elizabeth L. Latimer; physician.
B. Isaac: 1793-1849; m. Elizabeth Tinker; m. (2), Mary M. White.
a. Lester Tinker: b. 1821; m. Elizabeth Miller; m. (2), Sarah M. Coon.
b. Issac: 1845-1901; m. Eunice L. Stewart.
C. Joseph Griffin: 1796-1866; m. Eliza Manwaring.
(B) Samuel: d. 1750; m. Elizabeth Rogers; m. (2), Patience (Potts) Pendleton.
(C) John: 1675/6-1739; m. Deborah Dayton.
(a) John: 1716-1779/80; m. Martha Colver; m. (2), Abigail Salmon; “the cooper”.
1. George: 1755-1815; m. Mary (Tinker) Wheeler; served in the Revolutionary Army.
A. Josiah: 1789-1866; m. Annie Darrow; m. (2), Clarissa Crosbone; m. (3), Abby Beebe; m. (4), Betsey Gallup.
a. Thomas Worth: b. 1827; m. Emeline Oram; m.
(2), Maria L. (King) Jason. B. William: 1792-1850; m. Mary Chapman.
a. George Washington: 1815; m. Susan Geer.
b. William: 1821-1889; m. Adeline Haynes.
2. John: 1760-1796; m. Hannah Smith; master mariner.
(b) John: 1722-1790; m. Ann Tinker; m. (2), Elizabeth …..(This is one of the rare instances where two sons were given the same name.)
1. Israel: 1761-1836; m. Zerviah Miner. Ch.: John (d. 1867; m. Sarah Harris).
(c) Rowland: 1733; m. Lucretia Rogers.
(D) Rowland: 1680-1712; m. Mary …..
(a) Joshua: 1711-1756; m. Experience Lamphear; m. (2), Lydia Miner.
1. Isaiah: 1739-1798; m. Mary Reeves; m. (2), Elizabeth Sill; m. (3), Elizabeth Beckwith.
a. Matthew: 1771-1854; m. Sally Weeks.
2. Joshua: b. 1746; m. Phebe Fox.
3. Rowland: 1756; m. Elizabeth Champlin.
(E) Jonathan: 1683-1746/7; m. Alice Champion.
(a) Joseph: 1719-1779; m. Diadema Beckwith.
1. Matthew: 1746-1818; m. Lois Mack; m. (2), Esther (Ely) Ransom.
A. Elijah: b. 1786; m. Hannah Beckwith. Ch.: William Ely (1809).
B. Elisha: 1789-1876; m. Fanny Champion.
a. Elijah Prentice: b. 1813; m. Mary Ann Lurancy (Tinker) Beckwith.
(I) Frank Monroe: b. 1848; m. Eugenia Whiting. Ch.: George M. (1881).
b. Chauncey: 1822-1875; m. Almira Peck. Ch.: Justus Byron (1856; m. Lizzie Bolt).
c. Charles: b. 1825; m. Julia Pearson Lincoln. Ch.: Arthur C. (1872).
(b) Ezekiel: 1731-1781; m. Phebe Bramble.
1. David: 1774; m. Elizabeth Chadwick.
A. Ezekiel: 1798; m. Mary Beckwith.
a. Josiah Nelson: b. 1821; m. Julia Ann Marsh. Ch.: Buel (1847).
(3) John: 1648-1721; m. Elizabeth Griswold; m. (2), Mary Ransford; m. (3), Mrs. Sarah Cole.
(A) John: 1674-1753; m. Bathsheba Smith; m. (2), Elizabeth Dodge.
(a) James: 1701-1754; m. Grace Harris.
1. James: 1740-1821; m. Mary Comstock.
A. James: 1765-1835; m. Mary Allen.
a. Jason Allen: 1790-1881; m. Joanna Holt.
b. James: 1791; m. Mary M. Griswold.
B. Jonathan: 1767-1844; m. Sarah Rogers.
a. Jonathan: 1800-1882; m. Lucretia White.
(I) George Cornelius Douglass: b. 1841; m. Mary
C. Harrington; served in the Civil War. Ch.: George Douglass (1873), Fred White (1878), Robert Harrington (1890).
C. Zebediah: 1769-1813; m. Catherine Richards.
D. John: 1771; m. Sarah Sears.
E. Harris: 1787-1835; m. Joanna Strickland.
a. James Strickland: b. 1830; m. Rebecca S. West. Ch.: James Lewis (1874).
(b) Ichabod: 1709-1771; m. Mary Savol.
1. William: 1746-1835; m. Anne Whipple.
A. William: 1770-1851; m. Mary Hoyt.
a. James Hervey: 1801-1842; m. Susan Beebe.
b. William Eastman: 1805-1862; m. Eliza Teal; m.
(2), Maria Webster.
c. Benjamin Franklin: 1807-1841; m. Julia Jenkins.
d. Jason: 1809-1860; m. Elizabeth Hannah.
B. Daniel: 1780-1839; m. Rebecca Conklin; served in the Revolutionary War.
C. David: 1783-1849; m. Amy Ann Allen; ?? (2), Sarah (Brown) Hadley.
a. Leander: 1808-1849; m. Mary Campbell.
b. Nathan Griswold: 1816-1849; m. Amy Gay.
(I) Newton Gay: b. 1846; m. Celine del Vecchio; m. (2), Fannie Locke. Ch.: James Rhodes (1884), Newton Griswold (1889), Nathan (1894).
D. Ichabod: 1784-1860; m. Eliza Cooper (a Huguenot, and a native of Guienne–she was the sole survivor of her branch of the family–fled to England after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and joined the Puritans there); captain in War of 1812.
a. Ferdinand: 1815-1876; m. Angeline Stone; m.
(2), Sylvia J. Loomis; an Episcopal Clergyman.
E. Jeremiah: 1789; m. Sarah Vosburg.
2. John: 1748; m. Mary Larrabee.
A. Thomas: 1792-1855; m. Marie Small.
a. Jason: d. 1868; m. Mary Walmsley.
b. Theodore: 1830-1871; m. Mary N. Andrews.
(I) Theodore Beauclerc: b. 1860; m. Lucrece Godwin. Ch.: Theodore Beauclerc (1887).
3. Edward: 1752; m. Prudence Morse.
4. Jason: 1757-1832; m. Frances Allen; commanded a U. S. privateering vessel in the War of 1812.
A. Jason: 1786-1826; m. Phebe Mulford Davis.
B. Jonathan: 1794-1832; m. Maria Smith.
a. James Smith: b. 1828; m. Virginia Leef; m. (2), Mary Frances Leef. Ch.: James Smith (b.
1859; m. Margaret E. White), William Francis (b. 1865; m. Mary Reese), Norman (b. 1866).
b. William Francis: b. 1830; m. Emma Holloway.
Ch.: George Nelson (b. 1877).
(c) Samuel: 1713-1805; m. Hannah Gardner.
1. John: b. 1734; m. Anna Greene; m. (2), Elizabeth Bolles.
A. Jeremiah: 1767-1845; m. Hannah Bolles.
a. Russell: 1797; m. Hannah Wilcox.
(I) Joseph Turner: b. 1816; m. Frances P. Clifford. Ch.: James (1842), George Gilbert (1861; m. Nellie Carroll).
b. Aaron Bolles: 1799-1880; m. Betsey Edwards.
c. Albert: 1809-1895; m. Mrs. Ellen (Kelly) Boyle.
(I) Jeremiah: b. 1838; m. Elizabeth M. Ashling.  Ch.: Charles (1863; m. Grace Follett), William Stewart (1873).
2. Samuel: 1738; m. Patience Wood.
A. Daniel: 1770-1850; m. Urania Tamson Dayton.
(d) John: 1724-1779; m. Delight Greene.
1. John: 1761-1849; m. Mary Van Duzen.
A. John Van Duzen: 1795-1846; m. Louisa Fuller.
a. Alexander: b. 1825; m. Susanna Chase.
(I) John Sylvester: b. 1849; m. Emma B. Duffey. Ch.: John V. (1878) Alexander (1880), Walter (1882)
B. Abraham Van Duzen: 1799-1867; m. Hannah D. Stickney.
C. Benjamin: 1801-1890; m. Fidelia Atwater.
a. David: b. 1833; m. Amelia English. Ch.: Edward (1867).
b. Lewis: b. 1842; m. Alice Stickney. Ch.: Frank L. (1876).
2. Benjamin Greene: 1769-1805; m. Susannah Stevens.
(e) Alexander: 1728/9-1815; m. Desire ….; m. (2), Rachel Larrabee.
1. Alexander: 1780-1832; m. Nancy Greene.
A. Alexander: 1809-1899; m. Eliza D. Stebbins.
a. Henry Alexander: b. 1841; m. Mary F. Calvert.
b. Gilbert Elias: b. 1843; m. Ida Clark; m. (2), Amanda Crocker (Fowler) Nicholson. Ch.: Henry Alexander (1889), Gilbert Elias (1891), Edward Willey (1892), Benjamin Greene (1897).
B. Henry: 1813-1848; m. Sarah Watrous; m. (2), Amy Watrous; m. (3), Esther Crouch.
C. Benjamin Greene: 1818; m. Mary H. Greene.
D. William: b. 1820; m. Hannah M. Comstock.
a. William Avery Comstock: b. 1858; m. Elizabeth S. Carter.
E. Elias Perkins: 1822-1897; m. Lucy A. Smith.
a. Ernest Elias: b. 1866; m. Fanny Gorton.
F. Christopher: b. 1825; m. Sarah J. Smith. Ch.: Christopher (1859), Daniel D. (1863).
2. Daniel: 1790-1874; m. Sarah Newbury.
A. Williams Newbury: 1825-1848; m. Julia Ann Sanders; m. (2), Mary P. Lamphere.
(f) Nathaniel: 1732-1802; m. Zipporah Williams.
(g) Jonathan: 1735-1809; m. Lydia Watrous; m. (2), Eunice

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