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Genealogy of the Cherokee Timpson Family

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11Benjamin Timpson. Sarah
1112Jennie Timpson. Jacob Harnage
2Benjamin Timpson. Lucy Smith and Harriette Mingus
3Mary Ann Timpson*
4John Timpson
111213Nellie Harnage. John Ragsdale
2Elizabeth Harnage. Robert Rogers
3Ezekial Harnage. Jennie Skit
4Jacob Harnage. Sallie Harlan and Mary Rowe*
5Mary Harnage. Edward Adair
112213Sarah Timpson. Jonas Phillips
2Mary Ann Timpson. John Hilary Clark
OK3John Calvin Timpson*
4Eliza Timpson. Aaron Burr
5Henry Clay Timpson*
6Martha Jane Timpson. Jesse Arnold
7Lydia Timpson. Archibald Cochran
8Nannie Timpson.   Crane
9Caroline Timpson. Benjamin Pettit
10Melvina Timpson. Levi Silk
11Susan Timpson. Richard Terrell
12Alfred Timpson*
13Hannah Timpson*
14James Timpsdn. Etheline Carroll
15Drucilla Timpson*
16Posey Humphreys Timpson
11121314Elizabeth Ragsdale*
2Isaac Ragsdale. Mary Stop
3Thomas Ragsdale Nannie Stop
4Susie Ragsdale  Ignacious Few
5John Ragsdale  Nannie Harnage
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