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Genealogy of the Cherokee Thompson Family

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Instructions on how to interpret this information

11________,  _______Thompson
1112Jack Thompson. Jennie Vann, Nana and Elizabeth Merrell
2Laugh at mush
111218William Thompson. Nannie Merrell and Elizabeth Fields
2Alexander Thompson. Elizabeth Tipton
3Sallie Thompson. Samuel Mackey
4Charles Thompson*
5Nannie Thompson. Benjamin Merrell
6Elizabeth Thompson  Nelson Riley
7Margaret Thompson. Elijah Lynch and _____Barker
8Betsey Thompson. Robert Runyan
9John Thompson*
10Richard Thompson. Caroline Simpson and Elizabeth Thornton
11James Thompson*
12Jennie Thompson  Samuel Crossland
11121314Jennie Thompson*  Dr. Yarnall
2John Thompson. Margaret Fields, Minerva Biggs* and Elizabeth Griffin
3Charles Thompson  Susie Taylor
4Alexander Thompson  Ruth Phillips and Elmira McLain and Elmira McLain
11122314Ruth Thompson*
2Jack Thompson*
3Maria Thompson. Archibald Lee
4Calvin Thompson*
5“Major Thompson*
11123314Nannie Mackey  Joseph Tally and David Vann
2Preston Meckey* Nannie Vann
3William Mackey  Nannie Drew
4George Mackey*
5Corinne Mackey*
6James Mackey. Polly Tally and Louisa Fields
11125314Elizabeth Merrell. David Ivey
2Eliza Merrell. William Poison
OK3William Merrell. Nannie Walker
4Sallie Merrell. Cornelius Parris
5Nannie Merrell. Rufus West
6Mary Merrell. James Starnes
7Benjamin Merrell
8Margaret Merrell. _____Williamson and Thomas Brackett
11126314Ellen Riley*
2Margaret Riley*
OK3Julius Riley. Amanda Cordell
4Joseph Riley. Matilda Maxfield and Lucy Ore nee Lusk
5Mary Ann Riley. Thomas Maxfield and Thomas M. Triplett
6Perry Andre Riley. Eliza Colson
7Charles Riley*
11126314John Lynch*
2Catherine Lynch
3Charles Barker
11128314Maria Whitney  Goree
2Joseph Runyan*
3Ruth Runyan*

Instructions on how to interpret this information

4Morgan West.     Finley
5Charles West*
1112536415Jefferson Starnes. Ruth Gott and Margaret Sevenstar
2John Starnes. Nettie Jeffries, Elizabeth Duffey and Almira Johnson
3Lillie Starnes. Lindsey Wallace
4Margaret Starnes. Ira Creach
1112538415Mary Williamson. William E. Greenleaf
1112633415Elizabeth Riley* McCoy Smith
1112634415Addie Riley. James Kyle
2Nelson Riley*
3Charles Riley*
1112635415Octavia Maxfield. Richard Riley Bertholf
2Ida Verona Maxfield. James Harvey Lindsey
3Lillie Maxfield. Claude Hanks McDaniel
1112636415Nannie Amanda Riley. John Lee Lamb