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Genealogy of the Cherokee Halfbreed Family

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11 Gu-u-li-si
1112 Lydia Halfbreed  Charles Renatus Hicks
2 Pigeon Halfbreed  Neki Fields
3 Chinosa Halfbreed  Joseph Crutchfield A59
4 Susannah Halfbreed  John Wickett Fields
5 Jennie Halfbreed* A46
6 Elizabeth Halfbreed. Squirrel
7 Jesse Halfbreed. Jennie Fields
111213 Catherine Hicks. Andrew Miller and Thomas Gann
2 George Hicks. Aky Rogers and Lucy Fields
112213 Catherine Pigeon
2 Sulteesga Pigeon. Oo-ye-ki
OK 3 Jack Pigeon. Elsie Buzzard
4 Lydia Pigeon. Lewis Cunnigan
5 Alfred Pigeon. Rachel Ketcher, Serena Frazier and Susie McGhee nee Beck
113213 George Hunter
2 John Crutchfield Mary Etta Ladd and Emma Gibbs |A58
3 Susie Crutchfield. David Dixon Landurum
4 Richard McLeod Crutchfield. Susan Ware and Susan Moore
114213 Elizabeth Fields. * Stand Watie
2 Mary Fields. * Rufus McGuilliams, John Adair Duncan, Thomas Fleming and Daniel Pinson
OK 3 John McFerran Fields. Elizabeth Smith
4 Eliza Fields. John Alexander Watie and Samuel Smith
5 Timothy Fields. Eliza McIntosh, Polly Fields and Elmira Rogers
6 Rachel Fields
7 James Fields* Dollie Eunice Lowrey
116213 Joseph Squirrel*
2 Nannie Squirrel. George Fields
3 Walker Squirrel*
4 William Squirrel. _____Walker
5 Tiana Fields
117213 Margaret Halfbreed. Ezekial Daniel and William Taylor
2 Sarah Halfbreed. Daniel H. Ross
OK 3 Stand Halfbreed. Sarah Carey
4 Tiana Halfbreed. George Downing
5 Melvina Halfbreed. Blackhaw
6 Mary Halfbreed. Edward Downing
7 Eliza Halfbreed. James Bowles
8 Richard Halfbreed*
9 Elizabeth Halfbreed. John Bigby
10 James Halfbreed  Martha Duck
11121314 Avery Vann Miller  Nannie Ward and Susie Spaniard
2 Elizabeth Miller  James Fields and Philip Inlow
OK 3 Alfred Miller  Elizabeth Seabolt nee Levi
4 Isabelle Miller  Stand Watie, ___Hicks and Kinch Hargroves
5 Elmira Miller  Benjamin Paden
6 Lucinda Miller  Calvin Adair
7 Andrew Miller  Sallie McCoy
8 George Gann. Mary Ann Starr nee McCoy
9 Elias Gann*
10 Isaac Gann*
11 Ruth Gann. William Edwin Brown
11122314 Aaron Hicks. Nannie Riley
2 Nannie Hicks* John Bickles
3 Delilah Hicks* Bryan Ward
4 Jefferson Hicks  Nannie Lowrey and Margaret Lowrey
5 Eleanor Ophelia Hicks. Gilbert Wilsan
6 Henry Hicks  Annie
7 David Hicks* Elzina Wilson
8 Frank Hicks*Celia Baldridge

A46. Jennie Halfbreed, her brothers and sisters belonged to the Blind Savannah clan.

A59. Joseph and Rock Crutchfield were the sons of a full blood Cherokee mother and a White trader whose trading station was near James Vann s residence at Spring Place. Vann and Crutchfield became mixed up in a broil in which the latter was killed. Vann at once adopted the orphan boys and raised them as if they were his own and when they were grown equipped them with well improved plantations and gave several slaves to each.

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9 William Hicks. Priscilla Thompson


10 Mary Hicks. W. A. Coleman
OK 11221314 Lucy Pigeon. Edmond Duncan Carey
OK 11222314 Mary Pigeon. Peter Dennis
11223314 Takie Pigeon. John Choo-hoo-sti
OK 2 Lucy Pigeon. Philip Daniel and William P. Ross Buzzard
11224314 George Cunnigan. Sarah Ballard
2 Johnson Cunnigan
OK 3 Elizabeth Cunnigan
4 Easter Cunnigan  Richard Hummingbird
11225314 Lydia Ann Pigeon  Edmond Duncan Carey
11322314 Joseph Vann Crutchfield. Mary Maria Landrum
2 Leroy Ladd Cruaehfield. Elizabeth Horton
OK 3 James Madison Crutchfield. Libbie Hunt, Fannie Holt nee Daniel and Josephine Amber Newlon
4 Saphronia Winn Crutchfield. Flavius Joseuhus Barrett, Walter Adair Starr, Dr. Newlon and Flavius Josephus Barrett
5 Mary Alice Crutchfield. William Electra Halsell
6 Richard Crutchfield. Fannie Earp
7 Laura Emma Crutchfield. Harvey C. Cooper
8 William Crutchfield. Caroline Houts
9 Dona Belle Crutchfield. John Berry Stevens
10 John King Crutchfield. Maud Flippin
11 Minnie A. Crutchfield. Joseph A. Mobley
12 Allie Crutchfield. Walter Watkins
13 Orah G. Crutchfield
11323314 Josephine Landrum. Lewis Rogers and Frank Howard
2 Martha Jane Landrum* Anderson Crittenden Jennings
OK 3 Mary Maria Landrum. Joseph Vann Crutchfield
4 Nannie Landrum. John Washington Adair
5 Rachel Landrum. Rollin Kirk Adair
6 Charles Dixon Landrum*
7 Elias McLeod Landrum. Nana Woodall
11324314 Ida Crutchfield. John T. Milholand
11423314 Richard Sosa Fields*
2 Kiowa Ratliff Fields. Martha Kellar Mackey
OK 3 Elizabeth Fields. Israel Duval and George Starr
4 Ellen Fields. Lewis Wolf
5 Moses Fields*
11424314 Susannah Watie. Thomas Jefferson Bean
2 Nannie Wheeler Waite*  Lewis Keys

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OK 3 Famous Smith. Mary Maude Vann and Maude Brooks. 4 John Smith. Martha Elizabeth Simmons
5 Louisa Smith. John Barnett
11425314 Sirissa Iowa Fields. John Candy and Richard Rogers
2 John Johnson Fields. Elizabeth Boudinot nee Starr
OK 3 Mary Fields.. John Hood
4 Eliza Fields. John McCoy
11426314 Mary Rogers. John Brimage
11622314 Mary Fields. Oceola Powell Daniel
11722314 Daniel L. Ross. Ruth Caroline Holland
11723314 Nannie Halfbreed. Gent Gibson
OK 2 Lucinda Halfbreed. Thomas Leader
11724314 Elizabeth Downing. William Riddle
OK 2 Thomas Downing. Maria Love and Hattie E. Abner
11725314 Mary Blackhawk  Duncan Leader
OK 2 Jennie Blackhawk. Eli Wilkerson
11726314 Lucy Downing. William Edwin Johnson
11727314 Minnie Bowles. Elijah Hermogene Lerblance and Orlando Shay
OK 2 Richard H. Bowles. Elizabeth Blythe and Nannie Downing.
117210314 Louvenia Halfbreed*

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