Genealogy of Edward Baker of Saugus Massachusetts

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G151 EDWARD BAKER: farmer; settled on the south side of “Baker’s Hill”, Saugus (then Lynn), Mass., 1630; undoubtedly came in the fleet under Gov. Winthrop; admitted a Freeman, 1638; m. Joan (d. 1693); d. 1687.

  1. Joseph: m. Ruth Holton, 1662; he and eldest son, Joseph, killed by Indians, 1675; had five ch.
  2. John: b. 1645; m. Abigail Fisher; settled in Dedham; d. 1719.
    1. Samuel: b. 1673; m. Mary Aspinwall; inherited lands in Northampton; d. 1717. Ch.: Daniel (b. 1717; m. Elizabeth Allis; d. 1798).
    2. John: b. 1677; m. Sarah Whiting; d. 1768.
      1. Timothy: b. 1708; m. Abigail Pond; d. 1786.
        1. Jabez: m. Hannah Morse.
          1. Jabez: b. 1771; m. Abigail Burridge; d. 1854.
            1. Jabez: b. 1799; m. Ann Burridge. Ch.: George Warren (b. 1824).
        2. Nathaniel: settled in Belchertown, Mass. Ch.: Hinsdale, Leonard (settled in N. Y.), Ira, Ivers, Hadassah.
        3. Timothy: b. 1745; m. Cynthia Onion; assisted in building Forts in South Boston during the Revolutionary War; d. 1831.
          1. Aaron: b. 1778; m. (1), Hannah Gay Baker; m. (2), Roxy Whiting; capt. of a Militia Company in West Dedham; d. 1856.
            1. Lusher Gay: b. 1807; m. Elizabeth P. Sanford. Ch.: George Ellis (b. 1834; m. Ellen Smith), Lusher Gay (b. 1850).
            2. Samuel Whiting: b. 1817; m. Rachel Cole.
              1. Charles Richmond: b. 1841; m. Sarah E. Smith. Ch.: Frederick Augustus (b.1856).
              2. Aaron W.: b. 1845.
              3. Edwin Whiting: b. 1849.
            3. Eustis: b. 1824; m. L. Adeline Woodward. Ch.: Willie Whitney; b. 1856.
            4. Granville: b. 1829; m. Mary K. Blenn.
          2. Obed: b. 1784; m. Betsey Metcalf, who was first straw braider in this country.
            1. Joel Metcalf: b. 1808; m. Elizabeth Noyes.
              1. Francis Metcalf: b. 1833; m. Sarah E. Morse. Ch.: Willie F. (b. 1862).
              2. Henry Bradford: b. 1838.
            2. Timothy: b. 1813; m. Hannah Gay Baker.
            3. Dexter: b. 1816; m. Harriet Bullen; m. (2), Mary M. Sawin. Ch.: Charles Dexter (b. 1845), Obed (b. 1849), Edwin (b. 1853).
        4. Eliphalet: b. 1747; m. Catherine Colburn; d. 1812.
          1. Sabin : b. 1772; m. Abigail Richards; trader; d. 1841.
            1. Alford: b. 1810; m. Julia Ann Gay; m. (2), Maria Lovell; farmer.
              1. Alfred Ellis; b. 1832; m. Mary Cobb. Ch.: Charles Herbert.
              2. Sabine R.: b. 1841; merchant.
            2. Sabine, Jr.: b. 1814; m. Maria Bullen.
        5. Joseph: b. 1750; m. Monica Gay; enterprising business man; d. 1838.
          1. David: b. 1781; m. Dene Holmes; farmer; d. 1831.
            1. James Bradford; b. 1809; m. Susan C. Colburn; cabinet maker.
              1. James B.: b. 1842; m. Martha G. Baker. Ch.: Charles C.
              2. David A.: b. 1810; m. Jane Grover. Ch.: Addison G. (b. 1840).
          2. Joel: b. 1788; m. Nabby Heaton; wheelwright; d. 1860.
            1. Joseph: b. 1820; m. C. A. L. Wharton. Ch.: Joseph Herbert (b. 1856), Robert W. (b. 1859).
      2. Eliphalet: b. 1711; m. Elizabeth Fisher; d. 1801.
        1. John: b. 1763; m. Becca Fisher; d. 1846.
          1. John: b. 1795; m. Mary Evelina Holbrook; d. 1867.
            1. George Holbrook: b. 1827. Among the first to reach Calif. by the overland route; fought their way through, lost their horses and baggage, completed journey on foot; lithographer; m. Mary Ann Belden. Ch.: Frank (b. 1857), Charles (b. 1862).
            2. Francis: b. 1829; m. Esther G. Barrett; merchant in N. Y. Ch.: Wendell (b. 1863), Francis Thornton (b. 1865).
            3. John H.: b. 1835; res. in San Francisco.
        2. Eliphalet: b. 1802; m. Lucretia O. Harrington; built Portsmouth (N. H.) Steam Mills, and was the first manufacturer of muslins in this country.
          1. Charles Henry: b. 1834.
      3. Jeremiah: b. 1716; m. Elizabeth Dwight; d. 1798.
        1. Samuel: settled in Boston; a baker.
        2. Jeremiah: b. 1761; m. Fannie Whiting; m. (2), Lucy New ell; m. (3), Abigail Prentiss; a butcher.
          1. Theodore: b. 1786; m. Priscilla Pinkham; d. 1860.
          2. William: m. Sarah Hobbs.
            1. Frank.
          3. Francis Whiting: b. 1825; m. Lucinda Stowe; a clerk. Ch.: Clifton Prentiss (b. 1850), Charles Francis (b. 1852), Henry Stowe (b. 1857).
  3. Timothy: b. 1647; settled by his father in Northampton; leading character in town; made Freeman, 1676; m. (1), Grace Marsh (grand-dau. of Gov. John Webster, of Conn.); m. (2), Mrs. Sarah Atherton, d. 1729.
    1. John: b. 1680; m. Rebecca Clark; one of most influential men in town; very religious cast of mind; d. 1762.
      1. John: b. 1715; m. Abigail Clark; a Loyalist; d. 1802.
        1. John: b. 1744; m. (1), Sibyl Waters; m. (2), Mrs. Mary (Waters) Bigelow; d. in Westhampton, 1774.
          1. John: b. 1780; m. Sylvia White; d. 1833.
            1. John: b. 1814; m. 1844, Chastina Forbes; res. Kalamazoo Mich. Ch.: Marcus (b. 1849), Otis (b. 1853), John W. (b. 1857).
            2. Otis: b. 1781; m. Miss Cole; farmer; d. 1864. Ch.: John: m.; res. on paternal homestead.
        2. Abner: b. 1754; m. 1781, Lois Waters; moved to Loraine, N. Y., where settlement had begun three years before; hardy, resolute pioneer; d. 1845.
          1. Timothy: b. 1787; m. Eliza Remington; moved to Norwalk, O., 1819; a tanner; went to the northern frontier as Brigade. Quartermaster, in the War of 1812; Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 182142.
            1. James Whipple: b. 1819; m. Arethusa D. Berry; res. Norwalk, O. Ch.: Ralph (b. 1844), Carleton (b. 1847).
            2. William: b. 1822; m. Frances C. Latimer; read law at Harvard; d. 1894.
              1. William Latimer: b. 1850.
              2. Hubert: b. 1855.
              3. Arthur: b. 1857.
              4. Rufus Harold: b. 1858; m. Jan. 16, 1883, Mary Warner Howard, b. Oct. 30, 1858; grad. Columbia Law School;


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