Early American Hunt Families

Edward Hunt of Amesbury Massachusetts

1 EDWARD HUNT: d. Dec. 23, 1727.



Nathaniel-6: b. Sept. 27, 1693.

3 JOHN: m. Dec. 5, 1705.


5 SAMUEL: m. Oct. 7, 1714; b. Oct. 3. 1690.

Nathen-21: b. Sept. 4, 1716.

Daniel-24: b. Apr. 12, 1723.

Ebenezer-26: b. Aug. 2, 1727.

Isaiah-27: b. Nov. 15, 1730.

Zebedee-30: 11-14-1736.

Elias-32: 1747.

6 NATHANIEL: Philip-34: 11-27-1720. Moses-35: 3-3-1721. Nathaniel-36: 9-11-1723. Henry-38.

8 EPHRIAM : m. 12-16-1710.

Zebedee-52: 8-8-1727.



9 ICHABOD: of Gorham. Me.

Ephriam-57, Ichabod-58, William-59.
21 NATHAN: Joseph-70, Nathan-71.
24 DANIEL: Joshua-75, Nehemiah-77, Henry-78, Daniel-79. Zebulon-80.

38 HENRY: Henry (b. 8-29-1749)-121, Abner-122, Moses-123,


51 WILLIAM: Enoch-135 (b. 1-1-1760).

55 NATHANIEL: Nathaniel-158, William-159.

57 EPHRIADZ: Francis-163 (b. 6-3-1773).

58 ICHABOD: Archelaus 5-178 (b. 9-12-1785).

75 JOSHUA : Worcester-203 (b. 8-14-1799).

77 NEHEMIAH: Reuben-205, Robert-206, Philip-207.

78 HENRY: Caleb-215 (b. 1782).

79 DANIEL: James-219 (b. 10-12-1806).

80 ZEBULON: Aaron-221, Nathan-222, Daniel-223.

121 HENRY: bliver-237 (b. 1782) .

122 ABNER: Daniel-250 (b. 1779).

123 MOSES: Henry-260.

130 STEPHEN: Henry-269, John-273, Orlando-275, Ebenezer W.-276.

135 ENOCH: William 292 (b. 7-18-1782).

158 NATHANIEL: Nathaniel-310.

159 WILLIAM: William Henry (9-1-1802).

163 FRANCIS: Francis-318 (7-20-1796), Elias-319 (6-2-1798), Merrill-323 (1-22-1807), John M.-325 (4-20-1811), Seward-330 (7-31-1823).

178 ARCHELAUS~ S.: Joseph H.-350 (8-8-1820), Eugene L.-353 (3-6-1825), Hezekiah W.-355 (2-15-1830), Homer-356 (4-19-1831).

205 REUBEN: Ichabod-370, Jacob E.-371, Jabez-373, James-275.

215 CALEB: Caleb Seaver-390, Horace-391 (2-24-1825), William Prescott-392 (1-14-1827), Henry Clay (1832).

219 JAMES: Harrison G.-400 (3-25-1831).

221 AARON: George L.–407, Walter M.-X08, Horace Wells-409, Edwin R.–410, Morrill G.-412 (1827).

237 OLIVER: Gilman D.-437 (1804), Jonathan T. P.-438 (1809), Oliver C.–440.

250 DANIEL: Justus-442, Charles-443.

275 ORLANDO: Paul-468 (6-18-1830).

280 OLIVER: John P.-472.

318 FRANCIS: Henry ‘_V.–X85 (8-3-1823), Morrill C.-486 (10-7-1825), Ephraim–488 (10-20-1829).

485 HENRY: Dudley F. (6-16-1844), Albert J., Ellen J. (May, 1850), Edgar N. 11852), Ellen V., Ada.

633 ISAAC: m. Catherine Orbin, 9-17-1833: Roxanna (1835), Henry F. (1838), Nancy Jane (1841), Hanna L. M. (1843), John E. (1845), Charles J. (1848), edward W. (1851), George (1860).

WILLIAM HUNT, of Concord, Mass. 1633


Nehemiah Hunt


Samuel Hunt
John, Samuel, John, William, Nehemiah

Elizabeth Hunt m. John Barron
Elizabeth, William, John, William, John, Elisabeth, Joseph, Mercy

Isaac Hunt 1647
Mores, Peter, William, Isaac, Dorothy, Peter, Hannah, Simeon, Samuel, Elisabeth, Isaac, Rebecca, Ebenezer

Miscellaneous Hunts

Following are additional early Hunt immigrants who settled in American Colonies. It is not claimed that this list is complete. Practically all the Hunts listed below had numerous descendants.

BARZILLAI W. HUNT, of Sudbury, Mass., b. 1808.
CALEB HUNT, of Stoddard, N. H., b. 1760.
DANIEL HUNT of Holliston, b. 1743.
EBENEZER of Milford, Mass., 1778.
EZEKIEL, of New Hampshire, wife, Lavina Thayer, b. 1796
HAMAN, of Sudbury, Mass., 1763.
HIRAM, of Milford, Mass., 1808. HUMPHREY, of Concord, Mass., m. Betsy
ISAAC, of Sudbury, Mass., 1721
ISAAC, of Hancock, N. H
JEREMIAH, of Billerica, Mass., 1685.
JOHN, of Concord, N. H., 1673, m. Mary Brown.
JONAS, of Sudbury, 1764.
JOSEPH, of Lipton, 1774
LEONARD, of Conn., 1807
LOWELL, of Milford, Mass., 1826
LUTHER, of Salem, Mass. 1793.
MOSES, of Hardwick, 1756
MOSSES of Milford, Mass., 1788
NATHAN, of Ringe, 1760
NATHANIEL, of Tewkesbury, Mass 1723
NEHEMIAH of Concord, Mass., 1631
NEHEMIAH of Concord.
OLIVER, of Templeton. 1765
OTIS, of East Douglas, 1765
PAUL, of Andover, Mass., 1753
PERLEY, of Heath, 1760
PETER of Tewkesbury, 1692.
PHILLIPS, of Milford, -Mass.1786
PHINEAS R. Feb. 4, 1812
RAYMOND, of Boston, 1812.
SAMPSON R., served in Revolution
SAMUEL, of Ipswich, Conn., 1833
SEWELL, of Sudbury 1820.
SHEREBIAH, of Lancaster, 1726
SIMON. of Concord, 1704
SOLOMON, of Tewkesbury, Mass., 1772
THADDUES, of Concord, 1752
TIMOTHY, of Tewkesbury, 1756
URIAH, of Boylston, 1760.
WARREN, of East Douglas, 1799
WELLINGTON, L. G., of Boston, 1817
WILLARD, of Dublin, N. H 1741
WILLIAM, of Concord, b. England, 1605
ZEPHANIAH of Barre, Vt son of Moses
His wife, Mary Howland. b. 1821

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