Genealogy of Richard Baker

H152 RICHARD BAKER: the first American ancestor of those known distinctively as of the Dorchester family of Baker; arrived in this country from England, 1635; m. Faith Withington about 1639; made a Freeman of the colony 1649; a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; nearly every year from 1642-85 his name is on record as exercising some office in the town administration of Dorchester; d. 1689. (1) John: 1643-1690; m. Preserver Trott; home occupied as a barrack for American troops during the siege of Boston: an efficient townsman.

  1. (A) John: 1671-1745; owned extensive farming tracts; m. Hannah Withington.
    1. (a) James: 1713-1776; m. Priscilla Paul; inherited homestead; an extensive farmer.
      1. 1. James: 1739-1825; grad. Harvard, 1760; m. Lydia Bowman; practiced as a physician; established a country store; in 1772 began the manufacture of chocolate at Dorchester Lower Mills.
        1. A. Edmund: 1770-1846; m. Sarah Howe; m. (2), Mrs. Elizabeth Lillie (Vose); took charge of the chocolate manufacture.
          1. a. Walter: 1792-1852; graduated from Harvard 1811; began study of Law at Litchfield, Conn., ran profitable woolen manufacturing business during war with England; in 1824 took sole charge of chocolate manufacture, and under new style of “Walter Baker”, it became prosperous and widely known; m. Deborah Smith Mott; m. (2), Eleanor Jameson Williams.
            1. (I) Walter: 1827-1887; m. Frances Cordelia Temlett. Ch.:
              1. (1) Walter Sydney: has been a resident of England from boyhood; m. Kitty Constance Barling. Ch.: Sydney Tremlett (b. 1888).
        2. b. Horatio: 1797-1845; m. Mary A. Soutbwortb.
          1. (I) James Edmund: b. 1821; m. Lucinda M. Gardiner; res. in Ohio.
          2. (II) Horace: b. 1833; m. Susan C. Cole; served in Civil War; for some time prisoner of war in Libby prison. Ch.: Walter Edmund (b. 1854; m. Mary Alden Barrows; had Edmund Walter: b. 1885), Marcus (b. 1867), Horace Clinton (b. 1874).
        3. c. Edmund James: b. 1804; received an academic education; took up surveying; postmaster of the town; also interested in the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society, and the Dorchester Fire Insurance Company; m. Mrs. Sarah Howard Sherman (Bowman).
      2. 2. Ebenezer: 1743-1798; m. Abigail Preston; m. (2), Susanna Glover.
        1. A. Ebenezer Richard: 1790-1824; m. Prudence Buckley carried on a mercantile business; moved to Evansville, Ind.
          1. a. Ebenezer Francis: served in Civil War.
      3. 3. John: 1746-1818; m. Anne Pierce; m. (2), Eliphal Swift; m. (3), Christiana Colson; became owner of the homestead.
        1. A. John: 1780-1867; m. Frances Sargent; m. (2), Sarah Loring.
          1. a. John Osborn: 1806-1872; m. Ruth Mather Dean; a shipmaster and later a merchant in New York City. Ch.: John Osborn (b. 1842; m. Lucy Dorr Whiton; had Clifford Haldeman, b. 1878); William Howard (b. 1854; m. Luetta Vail Carrigan) ; Edmund (b. 1861).
          2. b. James Loring; 1813-1886; m. Nancy Ripley Sampson; m. (2), Susan F. Lunenburg.
          3. c. Abner Loring: 1820-1849; m. Lydia James Ripley. Ch.: Abner Loring (b. 1850).
    2. (b) John: 1715-1798; m. Sarah Wiswall; m. (2), Jane Wheeler.
    3. (c) Thomas: 1717-1745; m. Ann Mattox.
    4. (d) Elijah: 1720-1802; m. Hannah Puffer.
      1. 1. Thomas: 1749-1796; m. Elizabeth Cony.
        1. A. Francis: 1787-1869; m. Eliza Robinson Whitmarsh; carried on West India goods business.
      2. 2. Elijah: 1753-1838; m. Olive Rogers; moved to Stockbridge, Vermont.
        1. A. Elijah: b. 1785; m. Azuba Colburn.
          1. a. Elijah: b. 1808; m. Hannah Howe. Ch.: Asa Elijah: b. 1836.
          2. b. Charles F.: b. 1818.
          3. c. James H.: b. 1824.
        2. B. John: b. 1788; m. Betsey Bullard.
      3. 3. John: 1765-1834; m. Abigail Blake.
        1. A. Phineas: 1797-1875; m. Alzada Howard.
          1. a. Bradford: b. 1822; m. Florinda Jones.
            1. (I) Eugene: b. 1854; m. Rachel M. Jackson.
            2. (II) Hiram Augustus: b. 1856; m. Lulu L. Sayles. Ch.: John-Raymond (b. 1885).
          2. b. Phineas Howard: b. 1825; m. Cynthia Carpenter. (1) Elmer Howard: b. 1855; m. Sarah Louise Chickering. Ch.: Carl Howard (b. 1882).
        2. B. Aaron Blake: 1807-1831; m. Cynthia Clark.
      4. 4. James: 1768-1820; m. Martha Bird.
        1. A. Abel Puffer: 1795-1841; m. Hannah Lewis Davenport; ran a dry goods store.
        2. B. James: 1798-1880; m. Harriot Davenport.
          1. a. James Edmund: b. 1841; m. Isabel Lindsey.
          2. b. Edward Jarvis: b. 1843; m. Mrs. Emily Brittan Coolidge.
        3. C. Stephen: 1805-1882; m. Hannah Davis Vose; horticulturist.
          1. a. Stephen: b. 1834; m. Maria Ann Curtis. Ch.: Harry Albert (b. 1871).
          2. b. William Vose: b. 1841.
          3. c. Edward Kelton: b. 1844; m. Eliza Thomson.
          4. d. Theodore Parker; b. 1847.
    5. (e) George: 1724-1810; m. Ruth Williams; m. (2), Mrs. Mary Jones; m. (3), Susanna Viles; enlisted in the Cape Breton Exped.
  2. (B) James: 1674-1734; m. Judith Maxfield.

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