History of Victoria County Ontario

Victoria County Atlas

The Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History written by Watson Kirkconnell in 1921 provides a vivid look into the details of pioneer life in the Victoria County area of Ontario. The data extracted from that manuscript which contains genealogical value has been presented here. It consists of military history and records for Victoria County and

Union County Oregon Genealogy

The following collection provides data on Union County Oregon genealogy. It contains a listing of births occurring in Union County, a history of Union County, cemetery and census directory, and over 1800 obituaries. Union County Oregon Cemetery Records Ackles Cemetery (Visible Stones) Union County Oregon Cemetery In “The Park” Union County Oregon Galloway Cemetery, Union

Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Bill for Iowa and Nebraska Lands

The following information has been compiled on Harrison County Iowa genelaogy from a variety of sources. Judy White, one of the team here at AccessGenealogy grew up in Harrison County and her Wallis family descends from that area since their immigration from England to America in the 1800′s. These are records that she compiled. 1884

Wallowa County Oregon Genealogy

The following genealogy is specific to Wallowa County Oregon and contains 3 biographies, a burial index for the county, numerous cemeteries, as well as a cemetery listing, a census listing, and a collection of obituaries for the county. History of Union and Wallowa Counties, Oregon Biography of Thomas R. Cook Biography of James Westley Hammack

Harney County Oregon Genealogy

Harney County Oregon genealogy consists of a brief history of the county, biographical sketches of some early residents, as well as obituaries. Harney Valley, Harvey Lake, Harvey City successor to Harney Camp, Harney County, and lastly Harney land district were named in honor of General Harney, who, so traditions of the Harney country tell us,

New Jersey Indians – B Surnames

Barrenach. Agreement, Dec., 1663. See Matanoo. Bawagtoons (a witness). Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Beoppo. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun. Bomokan, I. Indian deed, January 10, 1658. With seven ether Indians, for land on the west side of the North river, from Wiehacken to Constable’s Hoeck. Bussabenaling. See Alpoongan.

New Jersey Indians – A Surnames

Abozaweramud, 66. Indian deed, Aug. 22, 1681. With eleven other “Indian proprietors,” for a tract on Mattawang or Millstone River, extending to Pametapake, opposite Staten Island. Acchipoor of Hoogkong. Indian deed, July 10, 1657. See Taghkospemo. Ackitoauw (Winfield gives his name as Kikitoauw) and Aiarotuv, Virginians, “inhabitants and joint owners,” for themselves and three other

New Jersey Indians – C Surnames

Cacanakque, in Indian deed, 1667. See Wapamuck. Calkanicha. King of the Delawares. See History of New Sweden, by Thomas Campanius Holm, in Memoirs of Hist. Soc. of Penn., III., 135. In Smith’s History of N. J. the name is given as Ockanickon, and the other names mentioned in connection with his are given as Iakhursoe

New Jersey Indians – N Surnames

Naamucksha. Indian deed, June 20, 1703. See Nanhamman. Nachoenkquy. Indian deed, May I, 1701. See Tapgow. Nacholas, 141. Indian deed, Oct. 29, 1701. See Tallquapie. Nachpong. Indian deed, Dec. 31, 1701. See Tapehou. Nackoniakene. Indian deed, April 12, 1684. See Tallaca. Nackpunck, 97. Indian deed, Nov. 29, 1686. “Weighrerens (on behalf of Nackpunck),” and others.

New Jersey Indians – M Surnames

Machcopoiken. Mentioned in Indian deed, Oct. 29, 1701. See Tallquapie. Machcopoikan, Ashanham, Meshocorrang, lareandy (or lauwandy), Nockapowicke, Vugahen, Wellocke, Indian Sackamackers. Indian deed, Nov. 10, 1701, to John Johnston, for lands in Somerset county, on the west side of the north branch of Raritan River on Rachaneak River. E. J. Deeds, Lib. H, P- 37-

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