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Days of Yore: Early History of Brown County, Nebraska

History has been defined as a “systematic written account of events.” In presenting this sketch of some of the leading events of Brown County, Nebraska, I have endeavored to abide by that definition, though material of a reminiscent or narrative character may occasionally be included. Another writer has said, “History is not made by documents, but by human beings.” The material I have collected and arranged for this sketch was, in the main, given to me by the early residents of this county. To them I shall always feel indebted for their assistance in compiling the facts which make up our county history. It is all inscribed in never-fading pictures on the memory tablets of our pioneers, those brave men and woman who endured the hardships of life in a new country that it might become a place of civilization. It this sketch serves to call to mind the efforts of these pioneers to found homes and to bring law and order to an uncharted wilderness, it will have served its purpose. To those who came in later years, I trust it may bring a slight understanding of what it means to be a pioneer. Let us try to imagine what this portion of Nebraska was like before the coming of the white settlers. A great expanse of prairie, slightly rolling, spread out on every side as far as the eye could reach, most of it covered with a rich growth of grass. Some varieties of this grass were tall with stiff, straight stems, some of low growth with delicate, curling blades. Here and there were running streams which...

Centennial History of Missouri

This is the second volume from this set and contains 363 biographies and photographs of leading men of the first century of history in Missouri (1820-1921). Though this manuscript covers the entire state of Missouri, a good portion of the individual biographies are on people who had resided in St. Louis at some point in their life.

Medfield Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850

Medfield Massachusetts Vital Records to the year 1850. A listing of all births, marriages and deaths recorded by the town clerk of Medfield, MA up to the end of the year 1849. The town of Medfield, Norfolk County (formerly in Suffolk County, until 1793), was established May 22, 1650 in Norfolk County. On October 24, 1713, a part of Medfield was established as Medway.

History of the Creoles in Louisiana

The first white settlers of Louisiana were French, usually the second born sons of aristocrats who left France to seek adventure in the New World. They brought their traditional style of cooking from the continent, and being rich aristocrats, they also brought along their chefs as well! These Frenchmen came to be called Creoles, and made up the upper crust of New Orleans. Their descendents can still be found in the French Quarter today. This manuscript takes a look at the history of this unique group of people. One city in the United States is, without pretension or Mention, picturesque and antique. A quaint Southern-European aspect is encountered in the narrow streets of its early boundaries, on its old Place d’Armes, along its balconied facades, and about its cool, flowery inner courts. Among the great confederation of States whose Anglo-Saxon life and inspiration swallows up all alien immigrations, there is one in which a Latin civilization, sinewy, valiant, cultured, rich, and proud, holds out against extinction. There is a people in the midst of the population of Louisiana, who send representatives and senators to the Federal Congress, and who vote for the nation’s rulers. They celebrate the Fourth of July; and ten days later, with far greater enthusiasm, they commemorate that great Fourteenth that saw the fall of the Bastile. Other citizens of the United States, but not themselves, they call Americans. A Hundred Thousand People African Slaves and Indian Wars Barataria Destroyed Brighter Skies Burr’s Conspiracy Count O’Reilly and Spanish Law Fauborg Ste. Marie Flush Times French Founders From Subjects To Citizens How Boré Made Sugar Inundations Later...

History of Douglas County Illinois

This collection on the History of Douglas County Illinois currently contains 114 biographies on important people in the history of the county. The open prairie country of Douglas county greatly retarded the settlement of this section of Coles county. A few came here previous to 1850, but the great bulk of the public lands was occupied by actual owners subsequent to that date. The original pioneer of Douglas county was John Richman, who, in 1829, settled in Camargo township.

Illustrated History of the State of Idaho

Illustrated History of the State of Idaho was written in 1899 by the Lewis Publishing Company and comprised one of many large collections of state biography and history books published by the Lewis company. Our collection provides the entire manuscript including the histories and all 480 published biographies.

The Defense of Stonington, Connecticut

Accounts the attack and defense of Stonington Connecticut during the War of 1812. Included will be found a muster-roll of the Borough company of militia, the official account furnished for publication by the magistrates, warden and burgesses; and a letter from Capt. Amos Palmer, chairman of the citizens’ committee of defense, to Mr. Crawford, secretary of war, containing a concise narrative of the action.

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