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Cemetery Collection

AccessGenealogy has over 600 cemetery transcriptions from across the United States. The first listings are cemetery transcriptions that we have inserted into databases. They are completely searchable by names. The second listing are individual transcriptions that AccessGenealogy has. Many of our transcriptions were down in the mid 1900’s and contain transcriptions of headstones no longer readable.

Civil War Battlefield Maps

The following Civil War battlefield maps geographically depict the major battles of the War between the States. While most states, having limited major battles have only one map to show, some like Virginia have as many as five.

Social Security Death Index

The Social Security Death Index provides birth date, death date, last known residence, and where the last payment was sent for persons who received benefits from the Social Security Administration. Approximately 98% of the people in this index died after 1962; the earliest date died in 1937. Those who held social security numbers but did not receive benefits or whose death was not reported to the administration, will not be listed. This index will help you pinpoint the date an ancestor died or at least narrow it to a month and year, making it easier to obtain the right death certificate from a county or state record office.

Genealogy of Daniel Baker

B. Daniel Baker: 1780-1849; m. Elmina Hanford; l. In Whitestown, Jamesville, Oswega Co., Auburn and Chautauqua Co., N. Y., and thence to Leona, Winnebago Co., Ill. a. Leander Hanford : b. 1814; m. Martha C. Wing; graduated from the Univ. of Louisville (Ky.), 1842; served in Civil War as Brigade Surgeon in the Union Army; res. Belleville, Ill. Ch.: Leander Wing (b. 1853), Charles Hanford (b. 1856). b. Preserved Daniels: b. 1816; 1. at Durand, Ill. C. Preserved: 1782-1815; m. Lydia Cummings. D. Asa: b. 1791; m. Abigail Ridley. a. Samuel Ridley: b. 1828; m., Mary Bruner; 1. at Rockton, Ill. Ch.: Frank (1857), George (1859). 2. Abijah: 1749-1824; m. Esther Parker; m. (2), Phoebe Boyden; served in the army in the Revolutionary War. A. David: 1782-1861; m. Jemima Richardson; m. (2) Lucy Fairbands. held various military and civil offices in Franklin. a. Abijah Richardson: 1805-1876; grad. Amherst, 1830; D.D., Austin College, Texas, 1878; made valuable contributions to the literature of the Congregational denomination; m. Harriet Newell Woods. (I) George Stuart: b. 1838; grad. Union Theological Seminary, 1870; m. Margaret Coates; served in several different pastorates in N. Y. (II) Charles Richardson: b. 1842; grad. Cambridge Theological Seminary; m. Mary Sneden Schenck. (III) William Henry: b. 1845; grad. Harvard Medical School; professor of gynaecology there; m. Charlotte Ann Ball. Ch.: Roy Ball (1876); Harold Woods (1881). (IV) Walter: b. 1849; Harvard, 1874, and the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Cambridge; associate minister of Trinity Church in Covington, Ky.; D. D. from Austin College. (V) Frank Woods: b. 1856; Harvard, 1883; Episcopal Theological Seminary in Camb.; rector of the above named...

Genealogy of Elijah Baker

(e) Elijah: 1730-1811; m. Rebecca Smith; moved to Amherst, Mass.; an active Whig during the Revolution; a member of the “Committee of Correspondence”; m. twice. 1. Elijah: served in the Army through the whole of Revolutoinary War; d. unm. 1800. 2. Enos: 1768-1845; m. (1), Dorothy Smith; m. (2), Lucretia Brewer. A. Alfred: b. 1798; m. Catharine Wiley; representative in Mass. Legislature, 1847. a. James A.: b. 1839; m. Anna Johnson. Ch.: William Alfred (b. 1865). b. Frederick P.: b. 1841. c. Edward N.: b. 1844; m. Abbie M. Puffer. B. Osmyn: b. 1800; graduated from Yale, 1822; entered field of law, in Amherst, 1825, m. (1), Elizabeth Olmsted; m. (2), Cornelia Rockwell; representa tive in the Mass. Legislature for several years, Member of Congress, 1839-45. a. William Lawrence: b. 1839; graduated from Dartmouth, 1858; First Lieut. of Art. in the Regular Army; was in the battles of Win chester, Port Republic, Manassas Heights, Chantilly, Soufh Mountain; killed at Antietam, 1862. C. George: m. Nancy Pease. a. Henry. D. Enos: m. Harriet Thompson. 3. Martin: 1770-1842; m. Mary Smith; representative in Mass. Legislature. A. Joel: b. 1800; m. Harriet Kellog. a. Charles: 1827-1862; d. of wounds received at the battle of Newbern, N. C. (f) Stephen: 1731-1812; m. Lucy King; moved to Chesterfield from Northampton in 1783; a prominent man, took active part in all affairs. 1. Thaddeus: 1761-1845; m. (1), Phebe Sylvester; m. (2), Mrs. Mary Watt Prentice; generally known as “Major Baker”; a Selectman for many years. A. Stephen: 1801-1861; m. Eunice Bryant. a. Chauncey Howard: b. 1834; unm.; res. LaFayette, N. Y. B. Benjamin K.: b....

Genealogy of Richard Baker

H152 RICHARD BAKER: the first American ancestor of those known distinctively as of the Dorchester family of Baker; arrived in this country from England, 1635; m. Faith Withington about 1639; made a Freeman of the colony 1649; a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; nearly every year from 1642-85 his name is on record as exercising some office in the town administration of Dorchester; d. 1689. (1) John: 1643-1690; m. Preserver Trott; home occupied as a barrack for American troops during the siege of Boston: an efficient townsman. (A) John: 1671-1745; owned extensive farming tracts; m. Hannah Withington. (a) James: 1713-1776; m. Priscilla Paul; inherited homestead; an extensive farmer. 1. James: 1739-1825; grad. Harvard, 1760; m. Lydia Bowman; practiced as a physician; established a country store; in 1772 began the manufacture of chocolate at Dorchester Lower Mills. A. Edmund: 1770-1846; m. Sarah Howe; m. (2), Mrs. Elizabeth Lillie (Vose); took charge of the chocolate manufacture. a. Walter: 1792-1852; graduated from Harvard 1811; began study of Law at Litchfield, Conn., ran profitable woolen manufacturing business during war with England; in 1824 took sole charge of chocolate manufacture, and under new style of “Walter Baker”, it became prosperous and widely known; m. Deborah Smith Mott; m. (2), Eleanor Jameson Williams. (I) Walter: 1827-1887; m. Frances Cordelia Temlett. Ch.: (1) Walter Sydney: has been a resident of England from boyhood; m. Kitty Constance Barling. Ch.: Sydney Tremlett (b. 1888). b. Horatio: 1797-1845; m. Mary A. Soutbwortb. (I) James Edmund: b. 1821; m. Lucinda M. Gardiner; res. in Ohio. (II) Horace: b. 1833; m. Susan C. Cole; served in Civil War; for...

Genealogy of James Baker

(a) Preserved: 1711-1777; m. Martha Harrington; owned and occupied the homestead property. 1. James: 1742-1803; last of the name of Baker to own and occupy the ancient dwelling house built by Richard for his son John. A. Samuel: b. 1778; m. Charlotte Muncreef. 2. Samuel: 1744-1819; m. Elizabeth Clapp; m. (2), Sarah Clark. A. Eleazer: 1784-1853; m. Susan Munroe; an ingenious mechanic. a. George Washington: 1824-1888; m. Frances L. Shedd; m. (2), Elizabeth Abbot Daland; engaged in some form of mercantile business. Ch.: Charles Daland (b. 1872). 3. Preserved: 1746-1842; m. Submit Clapp. A. John: 1780-1843; m. Patty Ellis; high sheriff of Norfolk County, appointed 1813. a. George Ellis: 1816-1887; m. Eveline M. Stevens; private secretary to gov. of New York, 1855-56; in political and personal affiliation with William H. Seward, Horace Greeley and Thurlow Weed; during President Lincoln’s administration was “disbursing agent” of the dept. of State. (1) George Fisher: b. 1840; m. Florence Tucker; elected president of the First National Bank of New York City, 1877. Ch.: George Fisher: b. 1878. b. John Joy: b. 1822; m. Harriette Pearson Titcombe. (1) Alfred Titcomb: b. 1861; m. Mattie M. Nichols. Ch.: Harold Titcomb: b. 1888. c. Fisher Ames: b. 1837; graduated from Dartmouth 1859; admitted to the Bar 1860; served in the Civil War and retired as lieut.-col.; m. Catherine Whiting Fisher. B. Benjamin: 1786-1857; m. Lydia Thayer. (b) Samuel: 1719-1759; m. Johanna Kiteley; employed in the paper making business. 1. Samuel: 1751-1838; m. Patience Jones; paper making and later a toll gate keeper. A. Edward: b. 1786; m. Susan Gilman Young; in 1838 he sailed from Eastport...

Genealogy of Timothy Baker

Part of the law firm of Smith, Baker, Efller & Eastman; had issue: (1) Bessie (b. March 22, 1884); m. June 26, 1907, Frank Norton Spencer. (2) Pauline (b. Dec. 3, 1885); unm. (3) Herbert Howard (b. Sept. 24, 1888); m. 1913, Katharine Menzies Kinsey; grad. from Yale College; is at present Vice-President and Sec. of the Libbey Owens Glass Co. of Toledo. Ch.: Herbert Howard, Jr. (b. May 22, 1915), Katharine Menzies (b. Nov. 26, 1916), Richard (b. Oct. 15, 1921). (4) Marjorie (b. Sept. 8, 1898); m. Oct. 7, 1924, Aaron Barrows Cutting of Montclair, N. J. c. Timothy: b. 1824; m. Elizabeth Raymond; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. d. Charles Henry: b. 1828; Toledo, O. e. George: b. 1832; m. Fidelia Latimer; Toledo, O.; nurseryman. B. Abner: b. 1791; m. 1817, Eunice Hall. C. Edward: b. 1794; m. Lucena Whitney; m. (2), Lucinda Goodhue; d. 1849. a. Timothy: a dentist at Marysville, Cal. D. Artemas: b. 1798; m. Lucy Leonard; blacksmith and farmer. a. Abner W.: b. 1828; m. Mary A. Cronkhite; res. Watertown, N. Y. Ch.: George 1. (b. 1855). b. Artemas L.: b. 1835; went to California in 1852; miner. E. Theodore: b. 1801; m. Almira Morse; removed to Norwalk, O., where he was a prominent man; 1862 removed to Cleveland, where he and son, Homer, are in the tanning business; m. (2), Margaret Williams. a. Asahel Morse: b. 1828; m. Martha P. Sprague; leased a cotton plantation in Arkansas. b. Henry: b. 1830; m. Maria C. Hall; Tanner in Norwalk, O. c. Daniel Waters: b. 1832; commission merchant in Chicago. d. Abner: b. 1836;...

Genealogy of Francis and Paul Baker

Genealogy of Paul Baker C. Phineas (1786). 4. Paul: b. 1758; m. Elizabeth …… ; had Paul (b. 1789). 5. Jethro: b. 1755. (e) Lot: b. 1721/2; m. Desire Baker. 1. Lot: b. 1746; m. Elizabeth Wixon; m. (2), Hannah Snow. 2. Hezekiah: b. 1749; m. Abigail Weeks; had Barzillai (b. 1780), Hezekiah (b. 1791). 3. Stephen: b. 1754. 4. Theodore: b. 1757. 5. Abij ah : b. 1764. (B) Jonathan. (C) Isaac. (3) Daniel: b. 1650; m. Elizabeth Chase. (A) Daniel: b. 1675. (B) Samuel: b. 1676; m. Patience ……. (a) Shubal: b. 1710; m. Lydia Stuart. 1. Silvanus: b. 1734/5; m. Hannah Burgess; m. (2), Jane Crowell. A. Silvanus: b. 1757; m. Phebe Chase. Ch.: Sylvanus (b. 1788), Richard (b. 1790). B. Bethuel: b. 1761; m. Rhoda Farris. Ch.: Freeman (b. 1788; m. Olive Studley), Bethuel (1790), Farris (1793), Thomas (1795), Morris (1798). C. Obadiah: b. 1765; m. Mary Kelley; m. (2), Nabby Hopkins. Ch.: Obadiah (1793), Jehial (1797), Oren (1800), Lewin (1803), John Hopkins (1812). D. Jonathan: b. 1770; m. Huldah Downs; drowned at sea, 1809. Ch.: Hiram (1799), Baxter (1803), Zebulon (1809). 2. Shubal: b. 1741; m. Rebecca Chase; m. (2), Elizabeth Chase. A. Archelus: b. 1767; m. Mehitable Chase. B. Shubal: b. 1772; m. Mercy Smalley. C. Ezra: b. 1774; m. Susannah Gage. D. Michal: b. 1776; d. 1796. E. Ensigh: b. 1779; m. Sally Nickerson. F. Silvanus: b. 1786; m. Bethia Crowell. (b) Hezekiah: b. 1715; m. Mary Stuart. (c) Samuel: b. 1732; m. Rebecca Baker. 1. Samuel: b. 1759. 2. Zephaniah: b. 1761. 3. Thacher: b. 1767. (4) William: m. Mercy ……...

Bakers in the American Revolution

Officers of the Continental Army Amos Baker (Conn.). Surgeon’s Mate of Bradley’s Connecticut State Regiment, May to December, 1776. David (N. J.). 1st Lieutenant of Spencer’s Continental Regiment, 1st May, 1777; resigned 6th April, 1778. David (Mass.). Private in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Sergeant of Heath’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Sergeant 24th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 1776; 2d Lieutenant, 8th October, 1776; 1st Lieutenant 9th Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; resigned 28th December, 1777. Henry (Md.). 2d Lieutenant 5th Maryland, Ist August, 1781; transferred to 2d Maryland, 1st January, 1783; retained in Maryland Battalion, April, 1783, and served to 15th November, 1783. Hugh (Pa.). Lieutenant Pennsylvania Militia, ; was a prisoner in 1780. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now James (Pa ). 3d Lieutenant 1st Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776. (Name also spelled Barker.) James (Va.). Ensign; killed at Stony Point 1st June, 1779. Jesse (S. C.). 1st Lieutenant 2d South Carolina, – January, 1777; Captain, 2d October, 1778; was in 3d South Carolina in May, 1780; taken prisoner at Charleston 12th May, 1780. John (Ga.). Captain Georgia Riflemen, 8th January, 1776; Colonel Georgia Militia; wounded at Bull Swamp 8th November, 1778, and was in service to January, 1783. John...

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