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Genealogical Research Centers

The following is a growing list of genealogical and historical research centers across the United States. These are archives, libraries, societies, and other organizations where genealogical and historical records may be kept. We provide this growing section of our site to aide our users in finding research materials that may not yet be online. Archives Alabama Archives Kentucky Archives Oregon Archives Genealogical Societies Alabama Genealogical Societies Kentucky Genealogical Societies Oregon Genealogical Societies Historical Societies Alabama Historical Societies Kentucky Historical Societies Oregon Historical Societies Libraries Alabama Libraries Kentucky Libraries Oregon Libraries...

History of Washington, Idaho and Montana

In my History of the Northwest Coast I have brought down the annals of Washington, Idaho, and Montana to the end of the fur company regime, in 1846, at which time the question of boundary between the possessions of Great Britain and those of the United States was determined, the subjects of the former power thereupon retiring from the banks of the Columbia northward beyond the line of latitude 49°. In the History of Oregon I have likewise given much of the early affairs of the territory treated of in this volume, that territory for a time being a part of Oregon; just as in the history of Washington much is given of the history of Idaho, and in the history of Idaho much of Montana. Under the term Northwest Coast I originally included all that vast region of North America north of the 42d parallel and west of the Rocky Mountains, Alaska alone excepted. When, in 1846, the southern line of British Columbia was determined, all that remained was called Oregon. Later, from Oregon was set off Washington; from Washington was set off Idaho; and from Idaho, for the most part, was set off Montana. Thus for some part of the history of Montana we look to the annals of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and the Northwest Coast; for part of the history of Idaho we look to the annals of Washington and the rest; and for the history of Washington we must have also the histories of Oregon and the Northwest Coast. I have been thus ex Illicit on this point, in order that the people of Washington,...


In considering the subject of American antiquities it may facilitate the object, to erect separate eras of occupancy, to which the facts may be referred. Such a division of the great and almost unknown period, which preceded the arrival of Europeans, will at least serve as convenient points to concentrate, arrange and compare the facts and evidences brought forward; and may enable the observer, the better to proceed in any future attempts to generalize. There appear to have been three eras in the aboriginal occupancy of the continent, or more strictly speaking, three conditions of occupancy, which may be conveniently grouped as eras, although the precise limits of them, may be matters of some uncertainty. To make this uncertainty less than it now is, and to erect these eras on probable foundations, the proofs drawn from monuments, mounds, fortifications, ditches, earth-works, barrows, implements of art, and what ever other kind of evidence antiquity affords, may, it is thought, be gathered together in something like this shape, namely: Vestiges and proofs of the original era of the aboriginal migration from other parts of the globe. These, so far as arts or evidences of a material character are denoted, must necessarily be exceedingly limited, if any, of undoubted authenticity, shall indeed now be found. The departments of physiology, and philology, which have heretofore constituted the principal topics of research, are still an attractive, and by no means a closed field. Proofs and vestiges of their continental migrations, wars, affinities and general ethnological characteristics, prior to the discovery of the continent. Such are the grouping of languages; the similarity, or dissimilarity of...

Historical Maps of the United States

Other then adding a splash of color to a web page, maps provide the researcher valuable clues to historic why’s. Here at AccessGenealogy we believe early maps play a valuable role in identifying the location and names of Indian villages and towns. While not always accurate as to the actual placement of villages (especially the early American ones), maps do shed light on the tribal affiliations, the identification of the tribe by various government entities (mainly French, Spanish and British), and approximate locations. Historical Maps of the United States 1640 Virginiae et Floridae Map 1718 de L’Isle Map 1755 Mitchell Map 1779 Map of Georgia Alabama Land Cessions Map De Bry’s Map of 1561 Northern Alabama Land Cessions Map Sewall’s Map of Minnesota,...

United States Obituaries

This collection of 933 obituaries was submitted by volunteers, and covers a broad reach of area in the United States. Often, these are obituaries specific to the submitters own ancestry, and as such, connecting with 1 person in the group can often lead to many additional new leads.

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