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Part of the law firm of Smith, Baker, Efller & Eastman; had issue:
(1) Bessie (b. March 22, 1884); m. June 26, 1907, Frank Norton Spencer.
(2) Pauline (b. Dec. 3, 1885); unm.
(3) Herbert Howard (b. Sept. 24, 1888); m. 1913, Katharine Menzies Kinsey; grad. from Yale College; is at present Vice-President and Sec. of the Libbey Owens Glass Co. of Toledo. Ch.: Herbert Howard, Jr. (b. May 22, 1915), Katharine Menzies (b. Nov. 26, 1916), Richard (b. Oct. 15, 1921).
(4) Marjorie (b. Sept. 8, 1898); m. Oct. 7, 1924, Aaron Barrows Cutting of Montclair, N. J.
c. Timothy: b. 1824; m. Elizabeth Raymond; res. Brooklyn, N. Y.
d. Charles Henry: b. 1828; Toledo, O.
e. George: b. 1832; m. Fidelia Latimer; Toledo, O.; nurseryman.
B. Abner: b. 1791; m. 1817, Eunice Hall.
C. Edward: b. 1794; m. Lucena Whitney; m. (2), Lucinda Goodhue; d. 1849.
a. Timothy: a dentist at Marysville, Cal.
D. Artemas: b. 1798; m. Lucy Leonard; blacksmith and farmer.
a. Abner W.: b. 1828; m. Mary A. Cronkhite; res. Watertown, N. Y. Ch.: George 1. (b. 1855). b. Artemas L.: b. 1835; went to California in 1852; miner.
E. Theodore: b. 1801; m. Almira Morse; removed to Norwalk, O., where he was a prominent man; 1862 removed to Cleveland, where he and son, Homer, are in the tanning business; m. (2), Margaret Williams.
a. Asahel Morse: b. 1828; m. Martha P. Sprague; leased a cotton plantation in Arkansas.
b. Henry: b. 1830; m. Maria C. Hall; Tanner in Norwalk, O.
c. Daniel Waters: b. 1832; commission merchant in Chicago.
d. Abner: b. 1836; m. Emma G. Husted; fruit farmer near Norwalk, O.
e. Homer: b. 1839; Cleveland, O.
f. Edward Foster: b. 1844; was an Asst. Surgeon in the Union Army in Georgia.
g. Holland Williams: b. 1851. m. Howard Malcolm : b. 1853.
(b) Noah: b. 1719; m.
(1), Sarah Burt; m.
(2), Rachel Phillips; was a “Separatist” (Baptist) preacher, settled in Sunderland, Mass., spent most of his life there.
1. Joel: b. 1741; m. Sarah Graves; settled in Conway, Mass., and deacon there for nearly thirty years.
A. Isaac: b. 1762; m. Lois Wright; had William who had William.
B. Joel: b. 1768; graduate of Dartmouth, 1792; ordained pastor of 2d Church in W. Granville where he remained during life. Ch.: Francis and Elihu.
2. Elkanah: b. 1746; m. Dorothy Gunn; d. 1773.
A. Elkanah: b. 1768; m. Polly Whitmore; d. at Montgomery, Mass., 1847.
a. Daniel W.: m. Orril Chapman: res. Westfield, Mass.
3. Timothy: b. 1748; m. Abigail Kibbe; served in the Revolutionary War; was in the battle of Ticonderoga. A. Rufus: b. 1773; m. Olive Hall; farmer; m. (2), Mrs. Hannah Perry; d. 1859.
a. Austin: b. 1797; m. Lovina Coney.
(I) Almon W.: b. 1825; m. Betsey Fitch. Ch.: Cassius (b. 1849).
b. Rufus: b. 1802; m. Rebecca Rice; moved to Warren, Mass., 1852; Master Mason.
(I) George: b. 1827; m. Mary E. Barnard; res. Pittsfield, Mass.; Master Mason. Ch.: Frank (1854); Horace A. (1857); George (1861).
(II) Charles H.: b. 1842; m. Harrietta A. Sawtell. c. Timothy: b. 1807; m. Maria Sears;
(I) John B.: b. 1836; m. Mary L. Nash. Ch.: Wallace L.: b. 1862.
d. Joel: b. 1813; m. (1), Mary Dunham; m. (2), Angelina Taylor. Ch.: George (1853); Charles (1851); William (1856).
B. Hollister: b. 1777; m. Rebecca Crowell; farmer; res. Hawley, Mass.; d. 1863.
a. Horace: b. 1800; m. Mary Ann Curtis; farmer; res. Hawley, Mass., and North Adams. Ch.: Tyler (b. 1833); m. Betsey Russell; lumberman; res. Black River Falls, Wis.; James (b. 1838); m. Harriet Cook; res. North Adams. b. Harvey: b. 1803; m. Ann Eliza Carter; res. Hawley; mechanic. Ch.: Noah (b. 1838); killed at the siege of Port Hudson, 1863; Allen: res.
E. Charlemont, Mass.; Preston (b. 1845); mechanic; Franklin (b. 1850).
c. Ephraim; b. 1807; m. (1), Roana Hawkes; m. (2), Fanny, her sister; m. (3), Mrs. Harriet H. Rice of Bristol, Wis.; bought a thousand acres of land in Bristol, and res. there.
(1) William: b. 1830; m. Lucy Thompson. Ch.: Ephraim (1854), Charles (1857), Lucius A. (1858), William H. (1863).
(11) Otis: b. 1836; m. Harriet Crowell.
(111) Washburn: b. 1837; m. Maria Neal. Ch.: Earnest W. (b. 1865).
(IV) Charles: b. 1845.
d. Roswell: b. 1817; m. Bathshebe Carter; farmer; had Edwin (b. 1843).
e. Charles: b. 1820; m. Wealthy W. Shattuck; had Walter W. (b. 1851).
C. Timothy: 1784-1854; m. Ruth Strong; m. twice; moved to Springfield, Mass., about 1830.
4. Noah: b. 1752.
5. Elisha: b. 1754; little known of his family; moved to Vermont. Ch.: Elijah (a teacher), Elisha, Noah (d. at Milan, O., 1827), Sylvester (Belleview, Iowa), Justin (Kenton, O.).
(c) Aaron: 1726-1802; m. Jemima Clark; helped organize a church in Northampton, was leading man it his position. Ch.: Timothy (b. 1749), Solomon (b. 1755), Paul (b. 1761; had Avery, Clark, and Ira), Aaron, Jr. (1763-1814), Apollos (1765-1825).
(d) Elisha: 1727-1826; grad. Yale, 1755; settled as a physician in Canaan, Conn. ; m. (2), …… Harris.
1. Elisha: 1766-1852; m. (1), Sarah Wright; m. (2), Alice Wilder; farmer.
A. Elisha: b. 1798; m. Samantha Parker; res. Chesterfield, Mass.; farmer.
a. George P.: b. 1827; m. Alma Burnell; farmer. Ch.: Charles Elliot (b. 1855).
b. William: b. 1833; m. Ellen A. Burnell; deacon Congregational Church; farmer. Ch.: Alfred Russell (b. 1860), William Herbert (b. 1864). c. Levi: b. 1835; m. Delia Knight.
B. Andrew K.: 1804-1866; m. Eveline Edwards. a. John Howard: b. 1846.
C. Daniel C.: b. 1811; m. Mary Ann Wilder.
2. Sereno: enlisted in the Revolutionary War, was taken prisoner and d. from starvation in old prison ship, in New York harbor.
(e) Elijah: 1730-1811; m. Rebecca Smith; moved to Amherst, Mass.; an active Whig during the Revolution; a member of the “Committee of Correspondence”; m. twice.

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