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Names Of Volunteers, From The Connecticut Gazette

[From the Conn. Gazette, Aug. 24th.]

The following is handed us as a list of the volunteers (tho' presumed not entirely perfect,) of those who so bravely stood the brunt of the attack of Stonington Point:--

Of "Stonington":--

Capt. George Fellows,
Gurdon Trumbull,
Capt. Wm. Potter,
Alexexander G. Smith,
Dr. William Lord,
Amos Denison jun.,
Lieut H. G. Lewis,
Stanton Gallup,
Ensign D. Frink,
Ebenezer Morgan,
John Miner.

Of "Mystic":--

Jesse Deane,
Jeremiah Holmes,
Deane Gallup,
N. Cleft,
Frederick Haley,
Jedediah Reed.

Of "Groton":--

Alfred White,
Frank Daniels,
Ebenezer Morgan,
Giles Moran.

Of "New London":--

Major Simeon Smith,
Capt. Noah Lester (formerly of the Army),
Major N. Frink,
Lambert Williams.

From "Massachusetts":--

Capt. Leonard,
Mr. Dunham.

[From the Conn. Gazette, Aug. 31st.]

By an error of the compositor, the following names were omitted in the list published in our last paper, of volunteers who so greatly contributed to the glorious defence and preservation of Stonington, viz.:--

Simeon Haley,
Thomas Wilcox,
Jeremiah Haley,
Luke Palmer,
Frederick Denison,
George Palmer,
John Miner,
William G. Bush,
Asa Lee.

There were probably others, whom we have not learnt.

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The Defense of Stonington, Connecticut - Table of Contents
The Defense of Stonington, Connecticut


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