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New Jersey Stories - Table of Contents

The Story Of The Discovery Of Scheyichbi
The Story Of A Peacemaker
The Winning Of The Prize
How Scheyichbi Really Became New Jersey
Fins, Rattles, and Wings.
The Story Of A Girl And A Hogshead
The Story Of Penelope Stout
The Schoolmaster And The Doctor
The Slaves Of New Jersey
A Jersey Tea Party
The Story Of A Spy
A Man Who Coveted Washington's Shoes
The Man In The "Auger Hole."
The Story Of Two Captains
The Story Of Tempe Wick
The Story Of Fort Nonsense
An American Lord
Molly Pitcher
The Morristown Ghosts
A Jerseyman And His Royal Crown
The Dey, The Bey, And Some Jersey Sailors
Sea Fights With A Nobler Foe
The Story Of The Telegraph And The Steamboat
New Jersey And The Land Of Gold

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