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Johnstown Flood - Table of Contents

The Appalling News
Death and Desolation.
The Horror Increases.
Multiplication of Terrors.
The Awful Work of Death.
Shadows of Despair.
Burial of the Victims.
Johnstown and Its Industries.
View of the Wreck.
Thrilling Experiences.
New Tales of Horror.
Pathetic Scenes.
Digging for the Dead.
Hairbreadth Escapes.
Terrible Pictures of Woe.
Stories of the Flood.
One Week After the Great Disaster.
A Walk Through the Valley of Death.
A Day of Work and Worship
Millions of Money for Johnstown.

Notes About Book and Database:

Source: Historical information was sourced from: The Johnstown Horror! or, Valley of Death, being A Complete and Thrilling Account of the Awful Floods and Their Appalling Ruin, by James Herbert Walker. Published by H. J. Smith & Co. 1889.

List of the Dead and Missing is sourced from the Johnstown Flood National Monument.

Map was built using ComChart's tools.

Video is from old Universal News Film.

Online Publication: The manuscript was scanned and then ocr'd. In depth proof reading has been done on this manuscript and it is free of errors. The punctuation and spelling from the original text have been faithfully preserved. Only obvious typographical errors have been corrected.


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