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Illustrated History The State Of Idaho
Table of Contents

Idaho, the Gem of the Mountains, Origin of the Name
Geological Agencies
Early Explorations
Rival Claims and Pretensions
Idaho Historical and Descriptive.
The First Settlements the March of Progress
The Growth Of Quartz Mining Discoveries
The Snake River Valley Reminiscences of the Early Days.
Political Secessionism And Crime.
Historical Notes on the Work of the Catholic Church in Idaho
The Indians Of Idaho Nez PercÚ And Shoshone Uprisings.
The Mormon Question
The Press Of Idaho
Owyhee County Its History, Towns, Industries
Washington County Its Towns, Resources, Etc.
The Payette Valley, Its Towns
Prominent Cities and Towns of the State
Mines And Mining
Educational Advantages In Idaho
Bingham County
Political, Resumed
Idaho In 1890
Idaho Since 1890, Political
Internal Improvements
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Idaho
Bear Lake County
Various Subjects

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