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The Second Church, 1667

About 1667, a new church was built on the west of Hampton (at a place lately known as ** Pembroke Farm"), and that year a burial took place in the ^'old church" at Kecoughtan, and another at the "new church"'. This second church like the first, has long since disappeared, but its foundations may be traced and the site with the adjoining land consisting of nine acres still belongs to the parish. Here are a few tombstones of black marble, which still retain their position over the graves. They designate the resting places of John Neville, Vice-Admiral in the British Navy, who died August 17, 1697, aged 53 years; Thomas Curie, of Sussex County, England, who died May 30, 1700, aged 60 years; Peter Heyman, Collector of his Majesty's customs, who died April 29, 1700, and Rev. Andrew Thompson, born at Stoneblue, Scotland, and died September 1, 1719, aged 45.

The list of ministers who preached at Elizabeth City, during the 18th Century, as far as preserved, is as follows: William Mease, 1610-1620; George Keith, 1624; James Fenton, died Sept. 5, 1624; Jonas Stockton, 1624; William Wilkinson, 1644; Philip Mallory, 1644-1661; Rev. Justinian Aylmer, 1667; Jeremiah Taylor, 1677; John Page, 1677-1687; James Wallace, 1692-1712.

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