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"Fox Hill," and "Little England"

Fox Hill is mentioned as early as 1625, when Captain Raleigh Croshaw had five hundred acres between that place and York River. Harris' Creek is a very old name in the records, and so is Back River, meaning the river on the back of the plantations first settled. The old Pocosin, as its name signifies, meant in the Indian tongue, the low, marshy country on the York River between Back River and Pocosin River.

The point now known as "Little England" was patented about 1634 by William Capps, a prominent settler, and for over one hundred years was known as Capps' Point. By William Capps, King Charles sent over the memorable instructions in 1627 allowing a general assembly, which had been discontinued since the revocation of the charter in 1624. To Capps was also given the privilege of erecting salt works.

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