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The succession of ministers were as follows: After the death of Rev. James Wallace, in 1702, Andrew Thompson became rector of Elizabeth City parish and continued till his death in 1714. He was succeeded by Rev. James Falconer, who came to Virginia in 1718. His report to the Bishop of London, in 1724, is that "his parish is fifty miles in circumference with three hundred and fifty families; that the owners were careful to instruct the young negro children and bring them to baptism; that service is performed every Sunday and that most of the parishioners attend; that there are about one hundred communicants; that his salary was about sixty-five pounds ; that there were two public schools in the parish, whereof John Mason and Abram Paris are teachers, and a good private school kept by Mr. William Fife, in which besides reading, arithmetic and writing, Latin and Greek were taught.

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