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Officers, 1680-1699.

In 1680, the following gentlemen were justices of the county court: Col. Charles Moryson, Capt. Anthony Armistead, Mr. Bertrand Servant, Mr. Thomas Hollier, Mr. Baldwin Sheppard, Mr. Edward Myhill, Major Matthew Wakelin, Mr. Thomas Jarvis, Mr. Augustine Moore, Mr. Thomas Wythe, Mr. William Wilson. During the same year the officers in the militia were: Col. Charles Moryson, Major Matthew Wakelin, Capt. Anthony Armistead (horse).

The following composed the county bench in 1699: William Wilson, Anthony Armistead, Pasco Curie, William Lowry, Thomas Harwood, Augustine Moore, Coleman Brough, Thomas Curie, Mathew Watts, John Minson, Walter Bayley. Charles Jenings was clerk this year and Coleman Brough was sheriff.

The following is a partial list of the members of the House of Burgesses elected from Elizabeth City County during th 17th century: 1619, Captain William Tucker, William Capps; 1623- '24, William Tucker, Jaboz Whittaker; 1629, Lieutenant George Thompson, William English; 1629- '30, the upper parts of Elizabeth City, Capt. Thomas Willoughby, William Kempe, Thomas Hayrick; the lower part of Elizabeth City, Capt. Thomas Purifoy, Adam Thoroughgood, Lancelot Barnes; 1631- '32, Waters' Creek and upper part of Elizabeth City, Capt. Thomas Willoughby; the lower part of Elizabeth City, George Downes ; 1632, the upper parish of Elizabeth City, Capt. Thomas Willoughby, (absent)

Page twenty-seven

Henry Seawell, John Sipsey; the lower part of Elizabeth City, Adam Thoroughgood, William English, George Downes; 1632- '33, the upper parts of Elizabeth City, William English, John Arundel; the lower parts of Elizabeth City, William English, John Arundel; 1639, Elizabeth City County, Thomas Oldis, Mr. Straff erton; 1641, Mr. John Branch, Mr. Flo. Payne; 1642, John Neale, Edward Hill; 1642- '43, John Branch, John Hoddin; 1644, Lieutenant William Worlich, John Hoddin; 1644- '45, Capt. Leonard Yeo, Capt. Christopher Caulthropp, Arthur Price; 1645, Capt. Leonard Yeo, John Chandler; 1646, John Bobbins, Hen. Batt; 1652, Peter Eansone, John Sheppard; 1653, John Sheppard, Thomas Thornbury, Major William Worlich, 1655- '56, Peter Ashton; 1657- '58, Major William (Worlich), John Powell; 1658- '59, William Batte, Florentine Fsijne; 1659- '60, Lt. Col. Wm. Worlich, Capt. John Powell; 1663, Capt. John Powell, Colonel Leonard Yeo; 1666, Col. Leonard Yeo, Captain John Powell; 1676- '77, Betrand Servant, Anthony Armistead; 1685, William Wilson; 1688, William Wilson, Thomas Allamby; 1692- '93, Capt. Willis Wilson, Capt. William Armistead; 1696, Capt. Anthony Armistead, William Wilson, Matthew Watts.

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