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Settlers at Dragoon Creek after 1865

Among the families coming into the Dragoon creek settlement after the spring of 1865 may be mentioned Jeremiah Fields and wife Betsey, with their two married sons and son-in-law: Joseph Fields and family of six persons; John L. Fields and family of five persons; James M. Johnson and family of four persons; they all came from Ohio in September, 1865.

Caleb J. Harvey, formerly of Ohio, but later a teacher at the Quaker Shawnee Indian mission, came in December, 1865.

Squire Cantrill, unmarried, came from Ohio in 1867; he later married a Miss Burroughs. Upon her death he married her sister.

John B. Carter and family of three sons and two daughters came from Ohio in the fall of 1867.

Enoch Carter, two sons and one daughter came from Ohio in 1868.

John Shaw and family; Seth C. Foster and family; George Horton and wife; Asa Gookins and William Horton, unmarried men, all came from Indiana in 1868.

Ephraim Elliott and family, Reuben Elliott and family, and Eli Trueblood and family, all came from Indiana in 1869.

Albert Lewis and family came from Ohio in 1869.

John Smale and family, and Andrew Pringle and family, came from Canada in 1868 or 1869.

John N. Barlow, wife and one son came from Ohio in February, 1869. Some marriages during this period were: Henry Thompson and Emlen Harris, married in June, 1866; Dill Avery and Susan M. Harris, married December 25, 1866; Joseph Johnson and Margaret Deering, married in 1867; Eli Walton and Caroline Suiter, married in February, 1869; William Shaw and Mary Carter, married in 1869; William Carter and Margaret Shaw, married in 1869; David Carter and Margaret Harris, married in March, 1870; Marion Meredith and Susan Carter, married in 1870; Samuel B. Easter and Huldah McCormick, married in October, 1871; John Crumb and Emeline Woods, married in 1871.

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Dragoon Creek - Table of Contents
Reminiscences of the early settlement of Dragoon Creek, Wabaunsee County

Notes About Book:

Source: Reminiscences of the early settlement of Dragoon Creek, Wabaunsee County. Written by Stephen Jackson SPEAR, of Topeka, Kan., for the Kansas State Historical Society. Reprinted from Vol. XIII, Collections Kansas State Historical Society.

Online Publication: The manuscript was scanned and then ocr'd. A thorough editing was completed on the manuscript and it should be free from any ocr errors. The layout of the manuscript has been changed for online presentation.


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