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A Slideshow Gallery

The following gallery will display the images in a slideshow. It’s important when using this form of gallery that the image original size is larger then then the size of the slideshow box, otherwise the image will become pixelated. When using this you’ll want to limit the size of the description. Note that in this format, the user cannot click on an image and see a larger size. View from Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia Old Martello Tower, near Halifax Nova Scotia Crown Point, New York, The Ruined Barracks Crown Point, New York, Where the Flag Flew Ruins of the Alamo in 1845 The Slaughter Hollow National Memorial Arch Scenes At Valley Forge Vicksburg Entrance to the Tunnel Washington’s Headquarters Lime Rock Lighthouse, Newport Harbor, Looking toward Fort Adams Fort Dumplings, Conanicut Island, A Revolutionary Relic near Newport Present Day Aspect of Fort Greene Glimpses Of Newport’s Historic Defenses Parade, Old Fort Adams Glimpses Of Newport’s Historic Defenses Panorama of Newport Harbor, Fort Adams at left, middle distance Goat Island in Central Distance Guns, Parade and Ancient Officers Quarters, Fort Annapolis Royal, N.S. Fort Constitution (Castle William and Mary), Great Island, Near Portsmouth, New Hampshire Distant View of Fort Constitution Entrance To Fort Columbus (Fort Jay) Governors Island, New York Harbor The Customs House Fort Washington Point, Fort Lee on Opposite Shore Fort Lafayette from Fort Hamilton, New York Main Entrance, Fort Independence, Castle Island, Boston, Massachusetts Fort Independence from the Water Floating Hospital in Foreground Harbor side, Fort Independence, Boston Massachusetts Fort Winthrop from Castle Island Moat and Entrance, Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida Incline leading to Ramparts,...

A Circular Tiled Gallery

The following gallery shows the images within a circular template, making them extremely nice for portraits… Afraid of the BearMa-To-Ko-KepaCut Head Sioux Yellow Hair Pe-Hi-Zi-ZihBrulé Sioux Wicked BearMa-To-Tzin-Tzi-TzahBrulé Sioux White ThunderVua-Ke-Ah-SkahBrulé Sioux White EyesIsh-Tah-SkahBrulé Sioux Two StrikesNum-Ka-ChpahBrulé Sioux Two BearMa-To-No-PahYanktonai Sioux Thunder HawkChe-Tah-Wah-Ke-AhUnc-Pa-Pa Sioux Wife of Spotted TailBrulé Sioux Spotted TailBrulé Sioux Sitting CrowKah-Re-Eo-Tah-KeBlackfoot Sioux Running AntelopeTan-To-Ha-Eah-KaUnc-Pa-Pa Sioux No FleshTsho-Ne-Tshaah-Bua-Ni-TzahBrulé Sioux Medicine BearMa-To-IcanCut Head Sioux Man Packs the EagleWhoe-A-KeCut Head Sioux Mad BearMa-To-Weet-KoYanktonai Sioux Iron Scare Mah-Zah-Wah-Nah-Pa-AhBlackfoot Sioux Black BullTa-Tan-Kah-Sa-PahBrulé Sioux Bulls GhostTah-Tun-Ka-We-Nah-HiYanktonai Sioux Grass Pah-ZheBlackfoot Sioux Iron HornHeh-Mah-ZahUnc-Pa-Pa...

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