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Cacaphon Stockade, West Virginia – On Cacaphon Creek, Morgan County.
Cadwallader Camp, D. C. – At Kalorama Heights.
Cadwallader Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Cady Camp, California – On Mojave River, 145 miles northeast of Los Angeles.
Caffery Camp, Louisianna – At Covington.
Cahaniaga, or Caughnawaga, Fort, New York
Cahokia Fort at, Illinois – On the Mississippi River, 4 miles below St. Louis, Missouri.
Cahunke Fort, North Carolina – Forty miles southwest of Snowhill.
Cajon Camp, Colorado – Fifteen miles from Cajon Pass.
Caldwell Camp, D. C. – At Washington.
Caldwell Fort at, New York – Fort William Henry.
Calhoun Fort, Nebraska- On Missouri River, 17 miles above Omaha, in Washington County; now town of that name.
Calhoun Fort, Virginia – At Hampton Roads; now Fort Wool.
California Camp, Virginia – Near Fairfax Courthouse.
California State Soldiers’ Home. – Yountville, California
Call Fort, Florida – At Volusia.
Call Camp, Georgia – In Hall County.
Callahan’s Ranch Camp near, California – In Scotts Valley.
Callaways Fort, Missouri – In Warren County.
Calvert Camp, Kentucky – At London.
Calvert Camp, Tennessee – In Loudon County.
Cambridge Star Battery at, South Carolina.
Camden Battery at, Maine.
Cameron Camp, Arizona – Fifteen miles northeast of Tubac.
Cameron Battery, D. C. – One mile above Georgetown.
Cameron Battery, Florida – Near Fort Pickens.
Cameron Camp, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Cameron Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Cameron Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Cameron Fort, Utah – Near Beaver City.
Caminada Bay Reservation, Florida
Cammaas Woods, Camp at Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Campayne Fort, Deleware – On Delaware River.
Campbell General Hospital, D. C. – At Washington.
Campbell, Fort, Georgia
Campbell Fort, North Carolina – Near Wilmington.
Campbell Fort, Ohio – At Maumee Rapids.
Campbell Fort, Pennsylvania – In Juniata County.
Campbells Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Campbell Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Campus Martius Fort, Ohio – At Marietta.
Canadian River Cantonment on, Indian Territory – Near one-hundredth meridian.
Canagora Fort, New York – On Mohawk River.
Canajohara Fort, New York – Same as Canagora.
Canal Battery Alabama – At Mobile.
Canby Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Canby Fort, New Mexico – On the Mojave River, in Navajo Country.
Canby Camp, New York – In New York City.
Canby Fort, Washington – On Cape Disappointment, mouth of Columbia River.
Canfield Cantonment, Nebraska – Near Ponca Creek.
Cannatchocari Fort, New York – On Mohawk River.
Canoe Island, Reservation, Washington.
Canon Chelly Fort at, Arizona.
Canonicut Fort, Rhode Island – In Newport Harbor, on Canonicut Island.
Cape Disappointment Fort at. Washington – Fort Canby.
Cape Fear Fort at, North Carolina – Fort Johnston.
Cape Girardeau Armory at Missouri – At Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau Fortifications at, Missouri – At Cape Girardeau.
Cape May Fort at, New Jersey – Fort Nassau.
Cape Neddick or Neddock Fort at Maine – In York County.
Cape of Pines Fort on California – Harbor of Monterey.
Cape Sable Fort at, Florida – Fort Poinsett.
Capron Fort, Florida – Opposite Indian River Inlet.
Capron Battery, South Carolina – At Sullivans Island.
Capron Allyn, Camp, Kentucky – At Fort Thomas.
Capsey Battery, New York – At New York City.
Capture Camp, Ohio. – In Hamilton County.
Carey Gratz Camp, Missouri – At Rolla.
Carillon Fort, New York – On Lake George. (See Ticonderoga.)
Carleton Camp, California – At San Bernardino.
Carlin Reservation at, Nevada.
Carlisle Battery, Kentucky. – Near Covington.
Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania – At Carlisle.
Carlisle Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Carlisle.
Carlos Barrancas Fort, Florida – Near Pensacola.
Carlyle Fort at, Illinois.
Carmel Camp, Maryland. – At Frederick City.
Carneys Bridge Batteries at Louisiana – Near Pattersonville.
Carolina Fort, South Carolina – At Port Royal.
Caroline Fort, Florida – At St. Johns Bluff, St. Johns River; name changed to Fort San Mateo.
Carpenter Island, Battery on, Deleware – On Delaware River, near Fort Mifflin.
Carpenter Redoubt, Tennessee- At Chattanooga.
Carpenter Redoubt, Virginia.
Carr, Camp, Arkansas – On Big Sugar Creek.
Carrington, Camp, Indiana – At Indianapolis.
Carroll Fort, D. C. – One mile southeast of Giesboro Point.
Carroll Fort, Florida – On Pease Creek.
Carroll Camp, Maryland – Near Baltimore.
Carroll Fort, Maryland – At Sollers Point Flats, Patapsco River, 8 miles below Baltimore.
Carrollton Fortifications at. Louisiana
Carver General Hospital, D. C – At Washington.
Casa Bianca Camp, Texas – On the Nueces River.
Cascades Fort, Washington – Near Cascade City.
Casco Fortifications at, Maine.
Casey Fort, Florida – In Charlotte Harbor.
Casey Camp, Maryland – At Bladensburg.
Casey Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Casey Fort, Washington – Near Port Townsend, in Island County.
Casimir Fort, Deleware -On Delaware River, near Newcastle.
Casino Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Casper Fort, Wyoming – At Platte Bridge.
Cass Camp, California – At Redbluff.
Cass Camp, Louisiana – Bay of St. Louis.
Cass Fort, Tennessee – In Cass County.
Cass Fort, Virginia – Near Georgetown, D. C.
Cassville Fort at. Wisconsin.
Castine Battery, Maine – On Penobscot Bay, 9 miles from Belfast.
Castine Fort at. Maine.
Castle The, or Castle William, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; present site of Fort
Castle Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Castle Garden Camp at New York – In New York City.
Castle Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence.
Castle Island Redoubt on, New York – Near Albany. (See Fort Nassau.)
Castle Pinckney, South Carolina – Charleston Harbor.
Castleton Fort at, Vermont.
Castle William Fort, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence.
Castle Williams, New York – On Governors Island.
Castlios Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.
Caswell Fort, North Carolina – On Oak Island, Cape Fear River.
Caswell, Battery, South Carolina – At Fort Caswell.
Cat Island Reservation, Mississippi.
Caustens Bluff Fort at, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Cavallo Point Battery, California – At Cavallo Point.
Cave Hill National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Cawakey Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Cedar Fort, South Dakota – Twenty-eight miles above Pierre.
Cedar Keys Battery at, Florida.
Cedar Keys Reservation at, Florida – Cantonment Morgan.
Cedar Point Battery at, Virginia – On Lower Potomac.
Cedar Rapids Fort at, Iowa.
Center Fort, Florida – Near Lake Okechobee.
Central Branch National Military Home, Ohio – Montgomery County.
Chadbourne Fort, Texas – On Oak Creek, Coke County; now town of that name.
Chadds Ford Fort at Pennsylvania – In Delaware County.
Chain Battery, New York – At Highlands, West Point.
Chain Bridge Battery at, D. C. – Above Georgetown.
Chalmette National Cemetery, Louisiana – Near New Orleans.
Chalmette Redoubt at Louisiana – Near New Orleans.
Chambers Fort, Illinois – Near Lebanon, in St. Clair County.
Chambers Camp, Pennsylvania – Three miles from Chambersburg.
Chambers Fort, Pennsylvania – In Lancaster County.
Champlain Arsenal, Vermont – At Vergennes.
Chapins Bluff, Fort at, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Chaplin Fort, D. C- One mile southeast of Bennings Bridge.
Chapman Battery, Mississippi – At Corinth.
Chapman Fort, South Carolina – On Ashepoo River.
Charity General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Charity Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Charlemont Works at, Massachusetts.
Charles Fort, Arkansas – On White River.
Charles Fort, Florida – At Pensacola.
Charles Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.
Charles Fort, Missouri – At present site of Rush Tower, 38 miles below St. Louis.
Charles Fort, Montana – In Dawson County.
Charles Fort, New York – At Kingsbridge.
Charles Fort, South Carolina – At Port Royal.
Charles Fort, Virginia – At Kicquotan.
Charles Fort, Virginia – At Richmond.
Charleston Arsenal, South Carolina – At Charleston.
Charleston Barracks, South Carolina – At Charleston.
Charlestown Arsenal, Massachusetts – At Charlestown. .
Charlestown Battery at, Massachusetts.
Charlestown Fort, New Hampshire
Charlotte Fort, Alabama – At Mobile; first called Fort Conde.
Charlotte Fort, Minnesota – Nine miles west of Grand Portage Bay.
Charlotte Camp, Ohio – On Sippo Creek.
Charlotte Fort, South Carolina – On Savannah River.
Charlotte Harbor, Reservation and Defenses of, Florida.
Chartres Fort, Illinois – Mississippi River, near Kaskaskia.
Chase Camp, Maryland – On the upper Potomac.
Chase Camp, Ohio – Near Columbus.
Chase Camp, Pennsylvania – At Grays Ferry.
Chatfield Battery, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Chatham Camp, Tennessee – In Robertson County.
Chattahoochee Arsenal, Florida – At Chattahoochee.
Chattanooga National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Chatterton Hill Batteries on, New York – New York City.
Chauncey,Fort, New York – At Sacket Harbor.
Cheat Mountain Fort on, Virginia.
Checauqo or Chicafou Fort Illinois – (See Chicago.)
Chef Menteur Pass Fort at, Louisiana – Fort Macomb.
Chehalis Fort, Washington – In Chehalis County, Grays Harbor.
Chelan Fort, Washington – Near Lake Chelan.
Cheltons Hills Camp at, Pennsylvania – Camp William Penn.
Chemung Camp, New York – At Elmira.
Chene Fort, Louisianna. – Near Berwick.
Chenectedi Fort, New York – (See Fort Corlar, Schenectady.)
Cheraw Hills Fort, at South Carolina
Cherokee Fort, South Carolina
Cherry Valley Fort at, Pennsylvania
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Fort at, Del. – Opposite Pea Patch Island.
Chesapeake General Hospital, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.
Chestnut Hill Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Chestnut Hill Post on. Pennsylvania
Cheteo River, Camp on, Oregon – At mouth of river.
Cheves Battery, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Cheyenne Depot, Wyoming – On Fort D. A. Russell Reservation.
Cheyenne Agency Fort at, South Dakota – Fort Bennett.
Chicago, Fort at Illinois – Fort Dearborn.
Chickasaw Fort, Illinois.
Chickasaw Fort, Mississippi – At Pontotoc.
Chickasaw Agency Post at, Indian Territory.
Chickasaw Bayou Batteries at, Mississippi.
Chickasaw Bluff Fort at, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Chikaskia Camp, Oklahoma.
Childs Fort, Nebraska – Now Fort Kearney.
Chillicothe Barracks, Ohio – At Chillicothe.
Chinsessing Fort, Pennsylvania – In Delaware County.
Chinook Point Fort at. Washington – Fort Columbia.
Chipola Fort, Florida – Latitude 30° 45′, longitude 85° 3′.
Chissel Fort, North Carolina – On New River.
Choctaw Point or Bluff Fort at, Alabama – Fort Stonewall, near Mobile.
Chokonikla Fort, Florida – On Pease Creek.
Chonaguen Fort, New York – Now Fort Oswego.
Chostellux Fort, Rhode Island – One of the defenses of Narragansett Bay.
Christanna Fort, Virginia – In Southampton County.
Christina Fort, Deleware – Near Wilmington.
Christmas Fort, Florida – Near Lake Harney.
Church Fort, Florida – At Fernandina.
Churchill Fort, Nevada – On Carson River, in Churchill County.
Churchill Col. Fort, Kentucky – Cumberland Gap.
Churchman Camp, Georgia – At Albany.
City Point National Cemetery, Virginia At City Point.
Clagget Fort, Montana.
Claiborne Fort, Alabama – On the Alabama River, near mouth of Limestone Creek.
Claiborne Fort, Louisianna – At Natchitoches.
Claremont General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Clark Camp, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Clarke Fort, Florida – On the Ocilla River, in Alachua County.
Clark Fort, Illinois – At Peoria.
Clark Fort. Indiana – Opposite Louisville, Ky.
Clarke Fort. Iowa – Name changed to Fort Dodge.
Clark Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Clark Fort, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Clark Fort, Kansas – On Missouri River, near Osage City.
Clark Fort, North Carolina – At Hatteras Inlet.
Clark Fort, North Dakota – On Missouri River, near Mandan.
Clark Battery, Oregon – At Fort Stevens.
Clark Fort, Texas – Near Brackettville.
Clarke Fort. Utah. – In San Pete Valley.
Clark Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Clark’s Blockhouse, West Virginia – In Marshall County.
Clarksburg Fort at, Virginia – In Harrison County.
Clarks Point Fort at, Massachusetts – Fort Rodman.
Clatsop Fort, Washington – Near mouth of Columbia River.
Claud Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Claverack Fort, New York.
Clay Fort, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Clay General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Clay Fort, Nebraska – At Platte Bridge.
Clay Camp, Ohio – On Ohio River, 3 miles east of Cincinnati.
Clear Fork of the Brazos, Post of, Texas.
Clemison Fort, Missouri – In Montgomery County.
Cleveland Camp, Ohio – Near Cleveland.
Cliffburn Barracks, D. C- At Mount Pleasant, Washington.
Clifton Fort, Virginia – On Appomattox River.
Clifton Fort, Virginia – On James River.
Clifton Lee Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Clinch (1)  Fort, Florida – On Amelia Island, at Femandina.
Clinch (2) Fort, Florida – On Lake Locha Popka.
Clinch (3) Fort, Florida – On Withlacoochee River.
Clinch (4) Fort, Florida – Three miles from Pensacola.
Clinton Castle, New York – At New York City; now known as Castle Garden.
Clinton Fort, New York – At West Point.
Cloak Camp, Tennessee – Near Fort Henry.
Close Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Lyon.
Closter Fort, New Jersey – In Bergen County.
Clyde Fort, New York – Freys Bush, 2 miles southwest of Fort Plain.
Coas Fort at, Vermont.
Coasters Island, Battery on, Rhode Island
Cobb Fort, Indian Territory – At junction of Pond Creek and Washita River.
Cobb Fort, North Carolina – At Cobbs Point, near Elizabeth City,
Cobble Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts- Near Boston.
Cobble Hill Fort, New York – At Brooklyn.
Cobbleskill Blockhouse at, New York.
Cobbs Hill Battery, Massachusetts – Near Roxbury.
Cobbs Hill Redoubt at, North Carolina – Redoubt Zabriski.
Coburn’s Fort, West Virginia.
Cochran, Camp, D. C- At Washington.
Cock Hill Fort, New York – At New York City.
Cockpit Point Battery at, Virginia – On lower Potomac River.
Cockspur Island Fort on, Georgia – Fort Pulaski.
Coenties Battery, New York – New York City.
Coeur d’Alene Fort, Idaho – Name changed to Fort Sherman.
Coffee Fort Indian Territory – At Swallow Rock, on the Arkansas River.
Coffee Camp, Louisianna – At New Orleans.
Coffee Fort, Maryland.
Coffey Camp, Kentucky – Nineteen miles south of Richmond.
Colchester Fort at, Vermont.
Cold Harbor Camp near, Virginia – In Hanover County.
Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Virginia – In Hanover County.
Cole Camp, Missouri – In Benton County.
Colerain Fort, Georgia – On St. Marys River.
Cole’s Fort, Mo.
Coles Island, Fortifications on, South Carolina
Cole’s Old Field, Camp at, South Carolina
Colfax Camp, Idaho – Ada County.
College Hill Fort, Kentucky – At Bowling Green.
Collier Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Collins Fort, Colorado – Now town of that name, Larimer County
Collins Camp, Kentucky – At Warsaw.
Colorado Camp, Arizona – On Colorado River Indian Reservation
Colorado State Soldiers’ Home, Monte Vista, Colorado.
Colorado Camp, Texas – Six miles north of the Colorado River.
Colrain Works at, Massachusetts.
Columbia Fort near. Pennsylvania
Columbia Fort, Washington – At Chinook Point, Pacific County.
Columbia Barracks, Washington – Now Vancouver Barracks.
Columbia Fur Co. Fort, Minnesota- On Traverse Lake.
Columbus Fortifications at, Kentucky.
Columbus Fort, New York – On Governors Island.
Columbus Arsenal, Ohio – Now Columbus Barracks.
Columbus Barracks, Ohio – At Columbus.
Colville Fort, Washington – In Colville Valley.
Combes Fort, Maryland.
Comfort Fort, North Carolina – Near Plymouth.
Comfort Old Point, Fort at, Virginia – Fort Monroe.
Commercial Point Battery at, Massachusetts.
Comstock Fort, Tennessee- At Knoxville.
Comstock Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Conakay Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Conanicut Fort, Rhode Island – At Newport.
Con ant Fort, Massachusetts – At Stag Head, in Gloucester Harbor
Conant Camp, Missouri – On Tavern Creek.
Conception Camp, Texas – At San Antonio.
Concho Fort, Texas – At junction of Main and North’ Conchos; first named Camp Hatch.
Concord Fort, Louisanna – In Concordia Parish.
Concord Point Battery at, Maryland.
Concordia Camp, Texas – Near Fort Bliss.
Conde Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile; named changed to Fort Charlotte.
Confederation Fort, Alabama – At Jones Bluff, in Sumter County.
Confiscation Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Connecticut State Soldiers’ Home, Noroton, Connecticut.
Connelly Camp, New Mexico – At Polvadero.
Conner Camp, Idaho – Near Soda Springs.
Connor Fort, Wyoming – Name changed to Fort Reno.
Conogohery Fort at, New York – Fort Rensselaer.
Conrad Camp, Georgia – At Columbus.
Conrad Fort, New Mexico – At Val Verde, Socorro County.
Constantine Fort, Alaska – On Tshugatshian Bay.
Constitution Fort, New Hampshire, Near Portsmouth.
Constitution Fort, New Jersey – Name changed to Fort Lee.
Constitution Fort, New York – On the Hudson River, opposite West Point.
Continental Barracks, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Convalescent Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Converse, Redoubt, Virginia – At Spring Hill, on Appomattox River.
Cony General Hospital, Maine – At Augusta. o
Cooke Camp, Montana – At mouth of Judith River.
Coolidge Battery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Coombs Battery, Kentucky – Two miles west of Covington.
Coon’s Fort, W. Virginia – In northwest part of State.
Cooper Fort, Florida – On Withlacoochee River.
Cooper Camp, Missouri – In Howard County.
Cooper Camp, Texas – Five miles east of the mouth of Oteys Creek, in Throckmorton County.
Coos Fort at, New Hampshire
Copps Hill, Fortifications on, Massachusetts- At Boston.
Coquille Fort, Louisianna- Supposed to be now Fort Pike.
Corbin H. C, Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Corbin H. C, Camp, Louisanna – At New Orleans.
Corbin, H. C, Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Corcoran Fort, Virginia – On Arlington Heights.
Corinth National Cemetery, Mississippi- At Corinth.
Corinth Fort at, Vermont.
Cork Screw Fort, New York – On Long Island; name changed to Fort Swift.’
Corlaers Hook Fort at. New York.
Corn Island Fortifications on, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Cornwallis at Georgia – At Atlanta.
Corpus Christi Fort at, Texas – Fort Marcy.
Cosmos Fort, Alaska – On Putnam River.
Cotta Fort, Montana – In Missoula County.
Cotton Factory General Hospital Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Cottonwood Fort. Nebraska – At Cottonwood Springs; subsequently called Fort McPherson.
Cottonwood Springs Fort at. Nebraska – Fort McPherson.
Couch Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Couch Camp. Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Couch Battery, Virginia – At mouth of Mill Creek.
Couty Fort, New York – At month of Niagara River.
Covington Fort, Kentucky – At month of Licking River.
Covington Fort, Maryland – Near Fort 3IcHemy.
Covington Fort, New York – Franklin County; now town of that name.
Cow Island Battery on, Maine – Lincoln County.
Cowlitz Fort, Oregon – Near the Cowlitz River.
Cowpens Fort at, Michigan.
Cox Hill Redoubt, New York – At New York City.
Cox’s Fort, Virginia.
Cox’s Head, Fort at Maine.
Crabbe Fort, Florida – On New River.
Craig Fort, Kentucky – On Gilberts Creek.
Craig Fort, New Mexico – On the Rio Grande, 3 miles south of San Marcial.
Craig Fort, Tennessee.
Craig Fort, Virginia – Two miles west of the Long Bridge.
Craig Fort, Virginia – On Appomattox River.
Cralo Fort, New York – On Hudson River, above Albany.
Crane Fort, Florida – On Lake Pithlochoco.
Crane Fort, Florida – Seven miles north of Micanopy.
Craney Island Fort on, Virginia – Fort Tar.
Craven Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Craven Fort, New York – In Oneida County.
Crawford Fort, Alabama – In Russell County.
Crawford Fort, Colorado – On the Uncompahgre.
Crawford Fort, Florida – On Manatee River.
Crawford Camp, Georgia – Chattahoochee River.
Crawford Fort, Maryland – Near Craney Creek.
Crawford Fort, Michigan.
Crawford Fort, Pennsylvania – On Alleghany River, about 17 miles above Pittsburg.
Crawford Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort McIntosh.
Crawford Fort, Wisconsin – On Mississippi River, near Prairie du Chien.
Creighton Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Cresap’s Fort, Maryland – On North Branch of Potomac River.
Cressel Fort, Connecticut – On Groton Heights, near New London.
Crevecceeur Fort, Florida – St. Josephs Bay.
Crevecceeur Fort, Illinois – On Lake Peoria.
Crittenden Camp, Arizona – On site of old Fort Buchanan.
Crittenden Fort, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Crittenden General Hospital Kentucky – At Louisville.
Crittenden Fort, Utah. – In Cedar Valley: originally called Camp Floyd.
Crocker Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Crockett Fort, Texas – At Galveston.
Croghan Fort, Iowa – Near Council Bluffs.
Croghan Fort, Texas – On Hamilton Creek, 14 miles above its month.
Crook Fort California – On Fall River, in Shasta County.
Crook Fort, Nebraska – Ten miles south of Omaha, Sarpy County.
Crooked Billet Camp near Pennsylvania – In Montgomery County.
Crooked Island Reservation, Florida – St. Andrews Sound.
Cross Fort, Florida – At Palm Point.
Cross Fort, Florida – Nineteen miles northwest of old Fort Dade.
Cross Fort, North Dakota – Name changed to Fort Seward.
Cross Creek Blockhouse on, Ohio. – Near Steubenville.
Crossman Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Crossman Camp, Utah. – On Salt Creek.
Crown Hill National Cemetery, Indiana – At Jeffersonville.
Crown Point Battery at, New York – At Corlears Hook, New York City.
Crown Point Fort at, New York – Fort Frederick, on Lake Champlain.
Crow’s Nest Battery, Virginia – Near Dutch Gap.
Crum Fort, Florida – Withlacoochee River.
Crutchfield Redoubt, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Cuba Libre Camp, Florida – At Jacksonville
Cullum Battery, Florida – At Fort Pickens.
Culpeper National Cemetery, Virginia – At Culpeper.
Cumberland Fort at, Maryland – Fort Mount Pleasant.
Cumberland General Hospital, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Cumberland Fort, Virginia.
Cumberland Island Works on, Georgia – St. Andrews Sound.
Cummings Fort, Florida – Latitude 28° 15′, longitude 81° 55′.
Cummings Fort, Georgia.
Cummings Fort, New Mexico – At Cooks Mountain Spring.
Cummings Redoubt, New York – On Long Island, near Brooklyn.
Cummings Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Cummings Point Fort at, South Carolina – Fort Putnam, near Charleston.
Cunningham Fort, North Carolina
Cunninghams Island Fortifications on Pennsylvania – In Lake Erie.
Curry’s Fort, Alabama- On the Tombigbee River.
Currey Camp, Oregon- On Silver Creek.
Curtin Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Curtin Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Curtis Fort Arkansas – At Helena.
Curtis Camp, California – In Humboldt County.
Cushenoc Fort, Me.- On Kennebec River.
Cushing Fort at, Me.- In Lincoln County.
Cushing Redoubt, Virginia – At Norfolk.
Cushings Island Fort on, Maine – Fort Levett.
Custer Fort, Montana – On Big Horn River; first called Big Horn Barracks,
Custer Battlefield National Cemetery, Montana – At Crow Agency.
Custis Camp, Virginia – Near Arlington.
Cuyahoga Fort. Ohio – Near Cleveland.
Cutler General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Germantown.
Cuyler’s Sugarhouse. Magazine at, New York – New York City.
Cypress Hills National Cemetery, New York – At Brooklyn.

MLA Source Citation:

War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902. Web. 19 December 2014. - Last updated on Nov 6th, 2013

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