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Babbitt Camp, California – At Visalia.
Babbitt Island Reservation, Florida – St. Johns River.
Bacon J. M., Camp, Minnesota – At Walker, Minn.
Bacon Race Church, Fort, Virginia – Occoquan River.
Badlam’s Battery, New York – In New York City.
Bad Lands Camp, North Dakota – West bank of Little Missouri River.
Bagley Battery, North Carolina – At Fort Caswell.
Bahia Fort, Texas – At Bahia.
Bailey Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Bailey Fort, Maryland – Four miles above Georgetown, D. C.
Baileys Island, Garrison on. Maine – At Harpswell.
Bainbridge Fort, Ala. – Seventeen miles southeast of Tuskegee.
Baker Fort, California – On Mud River, in Humboldt County.
Baker Fort, California – At Lime Point, San Francisco Harbor.
Baker Fort, D. C. – On the Eastern Branch, near Washington.
Baker Fort Florida – On Esteinhatchee River
Baker Camp, Maryland – On Lower Potomac.
Baker Camp, Montana – Name changed to Fort Logan.
Baker Fort, New Mexico – At Manzano.
Baker Fort, Virginia – Near Chain Bridge: name changed to Fort Ethan Allen.
Baker Fort, West Virginia – On the Ohio River at Cresaps Bottom.
Baker’s Blockhouse, Vermont.
Baldwin Camp, Virginia
Baldwin Fort, Virginia
Balfour Fort, South Carolina – At Pocotaligo.
Balfour General Hospital, Virginia – At Portsmouth.
Balize Battery, Louisianna – Mouth of Mississippi River.
Ball Fort, Ohio – On Sandusky River, opposite Tiffin.
Balls Bluff National Cemetery, Virginia – On Potomac River.
Balls Landing Battery, Tennessee – On Cumberland River.
Ball Tom, Camp, Texas – At Houston.
Bangs Island Fort on. Maine – Called also Cushings Island and Fort Island.
Bankhead Fort, Florida – Key Biscayne.
Bankhead Fort, Missouri- At New Madrid.
Banks Camp, Louisianna – At Baton Rouge.
Banks Fort, Massachusetts – At Grovers Cliff, near Boston.
Banning Camp, California – At San Bernardino.
Barbee Fort, Ohio – At St. Marys. 4
Barbette Battery, New York – New York City.
Barbour Fort, Florida – On Apalachee River, near Aspalaga.
Barbour Fort, Virginia – At Norfolk.
Barclay Camp, D. C. – Columbia College.
Barker Fort, Florida – On the Esteinhatchee River.
Barnard Fort, Virginia – About 5 miles southwest of Washington, D. C.
Barnes General Hospital, D. C- At Soldiers’ Home.
Barnum Fort, Georgia – Near Okeefinokee Swamp.
Barnwell Fort, Florida – Near mouth of St. Johns River.
Barnwell Fort, North Carolina – In Craven County; now town of that name.
Barrancas Fort, Florida – Near Pensacola.
Barrancas National Cemetery, Florida – North side of Pensacola Bay.
Barrel Point Battery at, Virginia
Barren Hill Post, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Barret Camp, California – At Fruitvale.
Barrett Fort, Arizona – At the Pimas Villages.
Barrington Fort, Georgia – On the Altamaha River, in McIntosh County.
Barry Camp, D. C. – Near Bladensburg Tollgate.
Bartletts Point Battery at, New York – On French Creek.
Barton Battery, Georgia – At Savannah.
Barton Battery, South Carolina – Near Fort Wagner.
Bartow Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Bartow Camp, West Virginia – On the Alleghany Mountains 8 miles from Greenbrier River.
Bascom Fort, New Mexico- On Canadian River, in San Miguel County.
Basinger Fort, Florida – Kissimmee River, De Soto County.
Basley Fort, Pennsylvania
Bastion Bay Reservation, Louisanna.
Bateman Camp, Kansas – Near Fort Leavenworth.
Bates Battery, Kentucky – At Covington.
Bates Camp, Maryland – Near Poolesville.
Baton Rouge Barracks, Louisanna – At Baton Rouge.
Baton Rouge National Cemetery, Louisanna – At Baton Rouge.
Battelle des Illinois Camp, Ind.- Called Fort Harrison.
Batterskill Camp on the, New York
Battery Point Camp, Deleware- Near Delaware City.
Battle Creek Camp, Utah – Near Salt Lake City.
Battle Ground National Cemetery, D. C- Near Soldiers’ Home.
Baxter General Hospital, Vermont – At Burlington.
Bayard Fort, D. C- Near Tennallytown.
Bayard Fort, New Mexico – At Pinos Altos, Grant County.
Bayards Hill, Battery at, New York – New York City.
Bayou Fort, Mississippi – Jackson County; now town of that name.
Bayou Sauvages, Battery, Louisanna
Bayou Teche, Fortifications at, Louisanna
Bay Point Fort South Carolina – On Phillips Island.
Beach Bottom Blockhouse at West Virginia
Beacon Island Reservation, N. C- At mouth of Ocracoke Inlet.
Beale’s Springs Camp, Ariz. – Forty-three miles east of Fort Mojave.
Beaufort Fort, N. C- At Topsail Inlet, 15 miles from Wilmington.
Beaufort National Cemetery, South Carolina – At Beaufort.
Beauharnois Fort, Minnesota – On Lake Pepin.
Beaulieu Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Beaumonts Point Fort at, Maryland – On Severn River, near Annapolis.
Beauregard Fort, Kentucky – At Columbus.
Beauregard Fort, Louisanna – At Harrisburg.
Beauregard Camp, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Beauregard No. 1 Fort, South Carolina – At Bay Point, Sullivans Island.
Beauregard No. 2 Fort, South Carolina – Phillips Island, near Port Royal.
Beauregard Fort, Tennessee.
Beauregard Fort, Virginia – At Leesburg.
Beaver, Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – On Beaver Creek.
Beaver Canyon Fort at, Utah – Near Beaver City; Fort Cameron.
Beckerts Fort, Pennsylvania – On Monongahela River, in Washington County.
Beckwith Camp, Virginia – At Lewinsville.
Bedford Fort, Pennsylvania – At Bedford,
Bedloes Island, Fort on, New York – Now Fort Wood.
Bee Battery, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island,
Beecher Camp, Kansas – Near mouth of Little Arkansas River, established as Camp Davidsons.
Beech Grove Fort at, Kentucky – On Cumberland River, in Laurel County.
Beef Hill Fort, Massachusetts- Boston Harbor,
Beekmans Slip, Redoubt at, New York – New York City.
Beeman’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – Near Wheeling Creek.
Beggs Fort, Illinois – On Du Page River, at Plainfield.
Belknap Fort, Montana – On the Yellowstone River.
Belknap Fort, Texas – On Red Fork of Brazos River.
Belle Fontaine Barracks, Missouri – On Missouri River, 3 miles above its mouth.
Belle Plain Camp, Minnesota – At the Yellow Medicine Agency.
Belleville Fort, West Virginia
Bellevue Rifle Range, Nebraska – On Missouri River, 18 miles from Omaha.
Bellingham Fort, Washington – On Bellingham Bay.
Bellona Arsenal, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Belmont Fortifications at. Missouri – On Mississippi River.
Bemis Heights Fortifications at, New York – On Hudson River, near Stillwater.
Bender Fort, New York – At Rochester.
Benicia Arsenal, California – At Benicia.
Benicia Barracks, California – At Benicia.
Bennett Fort, South Dakota – On Missouri River, at the Cheyenne Agency; now town of that name.
Bennett Camp, South Carolina – At Hilton Head.
Bennett Fort, Virginia – On Potomac River, | mile above Georgetown.
Bennett’s Tavern, Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – In Crawford County.
Benson Battery, Maryland – Near Tennallytown, D. C.
Benton Camp, Maryland – At Poolesville.
Benton Barracks, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Benton Fort, Montana – Choteau County; now town of that name.
Bergen Heights, Fort at, New Jersey
Bermuda Hundred, Forts at, Virginia- On James River.
Berry Battery, Maine – On Great Diamond Island.
Berry Camp, Maine – Near Portland.
Berry Fort, Virginia – About 4 miles from Washington, D. C.
Berthold Fort, North Dakota – On Missouri River, about 30 miles below the mouth of the Little Missouri River, in McLean County; now town of that name.
Berwick Fort, Louisianna – Near Brashear City.
Berwick Fortifications at. Maine
Bethlehem Stockade at. Pennsylvania
Beverly National Cemetery, New Jersey – At Beverly.
Beversrede Fort, Pennsylvania – At the mouth of the Schuylkill.
Bibb Fort, Alabama – In Butler County.
Biddeford Fortifications at Maine
Biddle Camp, Pennsylvania – At Carlisle.
Bidwell Fort, California – In Surprise Valley, Modoc County; now town of that name.
Bienvenue Battery, Louisiana – On Bayou Bienvenue.
Big Beaver Creek, Fort at, Virginia – In Fayette County.
Big Bend Camp at, Oregon – On Rogue River.
Big Bottom Fort in, Ohio – On Muskingum River, Morgan County.
Big Cheyenne Agency, Fort at, North Dakota – On Missouri River; Fort Berthold.
Big Cottonwood Creek, Camp on, South Dakota – Sixty miles southwest of Pierre,
Big Cypress Swamp, Forts in, Florida – At the Everglades.
Biggin Bridge Redoubt, South Carolina – Near Monks Comer.
Bigham’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Juniata County.
Big Horn Barracks, Montana – Name changed to Fort Custer.
Big Stone Lake Camp on, Minnesota – Temporary camp in 1860.
Big Tybee Island, Batteries on, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Billings Fort, New Jersey – Opposite Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Biloxi Fort, Mississippi – At the eastern extremity of Bay of Biloxi.
Bird Fort, Pennsylvania – On Monongahela River; also called Fort Burd.
Birds Island, Battery on, Georgia – On Savannah River; Battery Hamilton.
Birds Point, Fortifications on, Missouri – Opposite Cairo, Illinois.
Bishop Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Bisland Fort, Louisiana – At Patterson ville.
Bitter Cottonwood Camp, Nebraska – Twenty-two miles west of Fort Laramie.
Black Camp, New York – At Hempsted.
Black Fort, Ohio – Ten miles from Greenville.
Black Fort, W. Virginia – At Abingdon.
Black Canyon Creek, Camp, Oregon – Temporary camp, 1859.
Blackmore Fort, Virginia – In Scott County; now town of that name.
Black Island, Fort on. Illinois – About 1 mile above the mouth of the Ohio River.
Black Point, Fort at, Maine – Fort Scarborough.
Black Rock, Fort at New York – At Buffalo; now Fort Porter.
Blackwells Island, Fort on, New York – Fort Maxey.
Blair Fort, Kansas – At Baxter Springs.
Blair Camp, South Carolina – Near Charleston.
Blaisdell Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Blake Camp, New Mexico – Near Fort Thorn.
Blake Camp, Texas -On Rio San Pedro.
Blakely Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Blanchard Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island; name changed to Fort Parke.
Blantons Hill, Fort, Kentucky – At Frankfort.
Bledsoe’s Fort, Tennessee – Near Gallatin.
Blenker Fort, Virginia – Name changed to Fort Reynolds.
Bliss Old Fort, Texas – On Rio Grande, near Franklin.
Bliss Fort, Texas (new) – At El Paso.
Blockhouse Point, Blockhouse at, N. Y.
Bloomingdale Fort, New York – At Bloomingdale.
Bluff Fort, Alabama – In Morgan County.
Blunt Fort, Indian Territory – Near Fort Gibson.
Blythe Camp, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Boggs Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Bogue Point, Fort at, North Carolina – On Bogue Island; Fort Macon.
Bois Blanc Island, Reservation, Michigan
Boise Port or Barracks, Idaho – At Boise City.
Boise (old fort), Fort, Idaho – On Snake River.
Bolivar Fort or Stockade at, Ohio.
Bolivar Heights, Fort at, West Virginia – Near Harpers Ferry.
Bolivar Point, Fort at, Texas – Now Fort Travis.
Bomford Camp, North Carolina – At Raleigh.
Bon Homme Fort, Illinois- On Illinois River.
Bonnett’s Fort, West Virginia – At Wheeling.
Bon Secours, Fort, Minnesota – On Lake Pepin.
Boomer Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Boone Fort, Kentucky – At Boonesboro.
Boone Camp, Tennessee – At Clarksville.
Boones Fort, Pennsylvania – On Muddy Run.
Boonville Battery, Missouri – On the bluffs, 8 miles below Boonville.
Boquet’s Redoubt, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Bordentown Cantonment at New Jersey.
Boreman Fort at, West Virginia – At Parkersburg.
Boscawen Fort at, New Hampshire.
Bosley Fort, Pennsylvania – At Washington.
Boswyck Blockhouses at, New York – On Long Island.
Botany Bay Island Fort at, North Carolina – North Edisto.
Bourbon Fort, Louisiana – Mississippi River, below New Orleans.
Boush’s Bluff, Fort at, Virginia – At Sewells Point.
Bowdoin Battery, Maine – On Cushings Island.
Bowie Fort, Arizona – At Apache Pass.
Bowyer Battery, Alabama – At Fort Morgan.
Bowyer Fort, Alabama – Present site of Fort Morgan.
Box Fort, New York – At Brooklyn.
Boyd Camp, Virginia – On Potomac River
Boyds Creek, Battery at, South Carolina
Boyds Island, Blockhouse on, New York
Boykin Fort, Virginia – A defense of Richmond.
Boyle Fort, Kentucky – Muldraugh’s Hill, Marion County.
Boynton Camp, Georgia – At Chickamauga Park.
Braden Fort, Florida – Ocklockonee River.
Bradford Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Bradford Fort, Maryland – At Hagerstown.
Bradley Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Brady Fort, Michigan – At Sault Ste. Marie.
Brady Fort, Pennsylvania – On Muncy Creek.
Brady Fort, Virginia – On James River.
Bragg Fort, California – Fifty miles south of Cape Mendocino, Mendocino County; now town of that name.
Bragg Fort, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga.
Branch Fort, Indiana – In Gibson County; now town of that name.
Branch Fort, North Carolina
Brandywine Creek Camp at, Deleware
Brannon Redoubt, Tennessee – On Stone River.
Brazos Agency Camp at, Texas
Brazos Island Fort on, Texas – Fort Polk.
Brazos River Fort on, Texas – Fort Phantom Hill.
Brazos Santiago Fort at, Texas – Fort Polk.
Breach Inlet Battery at, South Carolina – Charleston Harbor.
Breckinridge Fort, Arizona – Arivaypa and San Pedro Rivers; name changed to Fort Stanford.
Breckinridge Camp, Tennessee – Near the Kentucky line.
Breeds Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Brent Fort, Colorado – Same as Bent’s Fort.
Brentons Point Fort at, Rhode Island – Fort Adams.
Brewer Camp Mississippi – At Birmingham.
Brewington or Brewerton Fort, New York – On Lake Oneida.
Briar Creek Fort at, Georgia
Bridewell Magazine, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Bridger Fort, Wyoming – Near Carters Station, Union Pacific Railroad, Uinta County; now town of that name.
Bridgman’s Fort, New Hampshire – On Connecticut River at Hillsdale.
Briggs Camp, North Dakota – At Fargo.
Brisbane Camp, Florida – In St. Johns County.
Briske Isle Fort at. Pennsylvania – Doubtless Presque Isle.
Broadnax Fort. Florida – Near the Chickuchatty.
Broad River Camp on, South Carolina – Near Fish Dam Ford.
Broadway Barracks, New York – New York City.
Brooke Fort, Florida – At the head of Tampa Bay.
Brooke Camp, Virginia – At Newport News.
Brooke Frank Fort Florida – On Dead Man’s Bay.
Brookfield Fort at, Massachusetts
Brookline Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Brooks Fort, Florida – On Ocklawaha River.
Brooks Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Bross Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Brothers Islands Reservation, California – In San Francisco Harbor.
Brough Camp, Ohio – Near Gallipolis.
Brough Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Brown Camp, Florida – At Fort Pickens.
Brown Fort, Florida – On St. John’s River, 10 miles east of Palatka.
Brown Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Brown General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Brown Fort, New York – Near Plattsburg.
Brown Fort, North Carolina – Near Newbern.
Brown Fort, Ohio – On Auglaize River.
Brown Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittstown.
Brown Fort, Rhode Island – On Narragansett Bay.
Brown Fort, Texas – At Brownsville.
Brown Camp, Wyoming – Now Fort Washakie.
Browning Fort, Montana
Brownlow Camp, Kentucky – At Piketon.
Brownsville National Cemetery, Texas – At Brownsville.
Bruce, Fort Tennessee – At Clarksville.
Brumby Battery, Georgia – At Fort Screven.
Bryant’s Plantation Batteries at, Virginia – At Gloucester Point.
Buade Fort, Michigan – At Mackinac.
Buchanan Fort, Arizona – Near Calabasa Ranche, 45 miles southeast of Tucson.
Buchanan Fort, Louisiana – At Brashear City.
Buchanan Battery, North Carolina – Near Fort Fisher.
Buchanan Camp, Texas – At San Antonio.
Buchanan Fort, West Virginia
Buckeye Fort, Florida – On Esteinhatcbee River.
Buckner Camp, Kentucky – At Cumberland Ford.
Buckner Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Budds Ferry, Battery at Maryland
Buell Camp, Kentucky – At Parritsville.
Buena Vista, Fort, Florida – On St. Johns River.
Buffalo Barracks, New York – At Buffalo.
Buffalo Fort at, New York – Fort Porter.
Buffalo Camp, Virginia – Near Uptons Hill.
Buffalo Fort, Virginia – A defense of Washington, D. C, on the road to Falls Church.
Buffalo Springs, Reservation, Texas – On Trinity River.
Buffington Fort, Georgia – In Cherokee County.
Buford Camp, Idaho – On the Bruneau River near its junction with Snake River.
Buford Camp, Maryland – In Charles County.
Buford Fort, North Dakota – Near mouth of the Yellowstone River.
Buford John Fort, Wyoming – Name changed to Fort Sanders.
Bull Fort, New York – On Wood Creek, 2 miles from Rome.
Bull Camp, Ohio.
Bull Creek Camp Kansas – Near Paola, Miami County.
Bullocks Point, Battery at, Rhode Island – On Narragansett Bay. ”
Bulls Bay, Fortifications at, South Carolina – Near Charleston.
Bulls Ferry, Fort at, New Jersey – On Hudson River, 4 miles north of Hoboken.
Bulls Ferry, Blockhouse at, New York – On North River.
Bulls Hill, Fort on, Rhode Island
Bulowville Fortifications at, Florida – At Tomaku, Musquito County.
Bunker Hill Fort, D. C- Near Washington; about 2 miles east of the Soldiers’ Home.
Bunker Hill Fortifications, Massachusetts – Near Charlestown.
Bunker Hill Fort, New York – New York City.
Buns Hill Battery at, New York – Near Fort Constitution, at West Point.
Burbank Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Burbank, Camp, Kentucky – At Warsaw.
Burbank Camp, Texas – On the Limpia River.
Burd Fort, Pennsylvania – At Brownsville.
Burdette Camp, Me. – Near Fort Preble.
Burgess Camp, Kentucky – At Bowling Green.
Burgoyne Camp, New York – At Saratoga.
Burgwin Cantonment, New Mexico – About 9 miles north of Taos.
Burlington Reservation in, Deleware
Burlington Cantonment at, New Jersey
Burlings Slip, Fort at, New York – New York City.
Burnet Fort, New York – At Oswego.
Burnett Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Burnside Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Burnside Camp, Kentucky – In Lincoln County.
Burnside Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Burpee Battery, Virginia – Near Bermuda Hundred, James River.
Burrows Fort, Maine
Burton Camp, California – At San Diego.
Burwell Camp, Texas – At Eagle Pass.
Burwells Bay Fort at, Virginia – Fifteen miles from Norfolk.
Bushnell Camp, Ohio -At Columbus.
Bushnell Battery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Bute Fort, Louisianna – On Mississippi River a little below Baton Rouge.
Bute Fort, New York – Near Fort Stanwix, at Rome.
Butler Fort, Florida – Opposite Volusia, St. Johns River.
Butler Camp, Illinois – At Springfield.
Butler Camp National Cemetery, Illinois – At Springfield.
Butler Camp, Louisiana – At Baton Rouge.
Butler Fort, Louisiana – At Donaldsonville.
Butler Camp, Michigan – At Mount Clemens.
Butler Fort, New Mexico – On Gallinas River.
Butler Fort, North Carolina – In Cherokee County.
Butler Fort, Virginia – At Newport News.
Butlers Rock Battery at Maine- Mouth of Kennebunk River.
Butterfield Camp, Kansas – Name changed to Camp Beecher.
Buttonwood Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – At Hanover.
Butts Hill Fort at, Rhode Island- At Newport.
Buzzards Bay Fortifications at, Massachusetts
Buzzards Roost Fortifications at, Georgia
Byington Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Byllings Point Fort at, New Jersey – (See Billings and Billingsport. )

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