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Clay County Kansas Veterans of World War 1

1917 – 1918 Compiled and arranged by Frederick W. Hood From the official reports of General John J. Pershing, Commander in Chief Colonel Leonard P. Ayers, Chief of Statistics Branch and other reliable writers Dedication To the soldiers, sailors, marines and army nurses of Clay County, who served in the cause of our country, willing to give their lives for the freedom of the word from the most dreadful menace of all time, this volume is dedicated. The Telescope Publishing Company Belleville, Kansas The great war drama ended, our fighting men have returned home.  The sound of the giant cannon and the deadly rattle of machine gun is stilled.  Better than all, no life blood flows; the bayonet is sheathed, the bullet sleeps harmless in its clip. We have had our day of glorification.  Their German leadership, fully confident of its strength, assured of its weapons, arrogant beyond anything in recorded history, challenged the organized and unorganized forces of the world to mortal combat.  They thrust the Imperial German sword through all the covenants and commands of civilization and of justice.  Bursting forth upon an unprepared and unsuspecting world, they were, despite their incredible strength, checked by France of the battle field of the Marne, encircled by the British fleets, and like Napoleon after Leipzig, condemned to ultimate defeat.  At the hour when the white flag was brought to the French lines, British armies were approaching the field of Waterloo, American armies stood victorious in Sedan, and the French armies were sweeping forward from the Oise to the Meuse.  The crowning humiliation came with the admission of defeat. We...

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