Wisconsin Gold Star List – Dodge County

Army Albrecht, Irwin C., 23, Waterloo; pvt 131inf; Gressaire Woods; kia Aug 9, ’18. Berger, Carl H., Mayville; 2Lt 339inf; Archangel Expedition; kia Dec 31,’18. Bintzler, George, 24, Lomira; pvt 55inf; Puvenello, West Moselle, defsec; dd (mening) Dec 27,’18. Blank, George A., 29, Waterloo; pvt 112MP; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 17, ’18. Bonau, Frank W.,

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Langlade County

Army Ballard, William Thomas, 22, Lily; pvt 107tmby; overseas; k by premature explosion Jy 8, ’18. Boerner, Edward, 25, Antigo; mec 128inf; kia Oct 22, ’18. Briggs, Alfred J., 27, Antigo; pvt 343inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 7, ’18. Carlson, Anton E., 35, Polar; pvt 37mgbn CAC; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 10, ’18. Crowe,

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Green County

Army Albright, William E., 23, Clarno; pvt 53inf; overseas; dd (heart trouble) Sept 16,’18. Amstutz, Fred, 19, Monticello; WNG; Mex Bdr; sgt 127inf; AisneMarne, defsec; kia Aug 5, ’18. Bartlett, William G., 23, m, New Glarus; rct 18rctco, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; U. S.; dd (mening) Jan 25,’18. Berger, Melvin C., 23, Brooklyn; WNG; pvt lcl

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Columbia County

Army Ashley, Irving, 20, Portage; pvt 16inf; WNG; Soissons; kia Jy 18, ’18. Breneman, Maurice Wilson, 22, Pardeeville; SATC, Kansas City; dd (pneu) Oct 4,’18. Buglas, Kenneth G., 23, Portage; pvt 1cl 128inf, 16inf ; dw Jy 19, ’18. Byam, Cheney A., 28, m, Portage; pvt COTS, Camp Taylor; dd (pneu) Oct 10, ’18. Christopherson,

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Calumet County

Army Braun, Leo, 31, New Holstein; pvt 58inf; kia Aug 6,’18. Brooks, Gerhard W., 25, Forest Junction; pvt 38inf; kia Oct 8,’18. Buhl, George, 27, Hayton; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 3, ’18. Engelhardt, Carl, 34, High Cliff; pvt 127inf; Roncheres, Fismes, Soissons; dw Sept 3,’18. Gerhards, Clemens, 27, Chilton; corp 127inf; Fismes,

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Crawford County

Army Adams, Frank, 21, Soldiers Grove; pvt bkryco376, Camp Grant; dd (influ) Oct 1, ’18. Ariss, Augustus, 23, Bridgeport; mtrkdept mgtngcmp; U. S.; dd (pneu) Nov 24, ’18. Barker, Melvin, 28, Ferryville; pvt 161depbrig, Camp Grant; dd (pneu) Oct 17, ’18. Caya, Alvy A., 23, Prairie du Chien; pvt 17fa; kia Jy 22,’18. Creighton, Arthur

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Chippewa County

Army Benware, Peter W., 24, m, Cadott ; pvt 4prvnlbn engnrs ; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 11, ’18. Bowe, Paul, 27, Chippewa Falls; pvt mgco 354inf; near Verdun; kia Nov 2, ’18. Brown, Richard, 20, Stanley; pvt 1cl 102inf; Toul sec, Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel, Verdun; w Jy 18; kia Oct 26,’18. Bruehling, Paul

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Clark County

Army Anthony, Rella, 22, Neillsville; pvt 329inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Dee 30, ’18. Baker, Earl E., 24, Owen; pvt 26inf; Soissons; kia Jy 22,’18. Banderob, Harry, 24, Thorp ; pvt 343inf ; overseas; dd (pneu) Sept 26, ’18. Beeckler, Rex C., 23, Granton ; pvt 130inf 330mgbn ; kia Oct 30, ’18. Bruckert, August F.,

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Lafayette County

Army Anderson, Oscar, 27, Argyle; pvt 47inf; kia Aug 7,’18. Arnot, James, 30, Argyle; pvt 7inf; Argonne; kia Oct 10, ’18. Bates, Harold R., 23, Darlington; pvt 1cl 7inf; 2Verdun; kia Oct 9, ’18. Bishell, Alford C., 29, Darlington; corp 127inf; k (accidental gunshot wound) June 14, ’18. Burns, Francis L., 24, Blanchardville; corp mgtngcmp,

Wisconsin Gold Star List – La Crosse County

Army Abicht, George, 31, Mormon Coulee; pvt 16inf; St. Mihiel, Argonne; kia Oct 4, ’18. Anderson, Edwin, 22, Bangor; mec 16inf; 2Marne, St. Mihiel; kia Oct 4, ’18. Bedessem, Raymond L., 21, La Crosse ; pvt hqco SATC UW ; U. S.; dd (influ) Nov 2, ’18. Beranek, Joseph B., 23, La Crosse; WNG; pvt

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