History of Victoria County Ontario

Victoria County Atlas

The Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History written by Watson Kirkconnell in 1921 provides a vivid look into the details of pioneer life in the Victoria County area of Ontario. The data extracted from that manuscript which contains genealogical value has been presented here. It consists of military history and records for Victoria County and

Original Patentees, not on original farm, Eldon Township, Ontario, Canada

The following 99 patentees are represented on farms other than those originally held: John Bell Duncan Brown Frederick Brown Angus Cameron Archibald Cameron Donald Cameron Ewen Cameron James Cameron John Cameron Lachlan Cameron David Campbell Duncan Campbell John D. Campbell James Campbell Hugh Campbell George Campbell Peter Campbell William Campbell John Collins Walter Coulter Wm.

4th Regiment of Durham Militia

Personnel of the Regimental Staffs was as follows: 4th Regiment of Durham Militia O. C. Lieut. Colonel John Logie 2nd-in-Command Charles Ruttan Captains Edward Davidson Francis Henderson Wm. Cottingham Christopher Knowlson Josias L. Hughes Thomas Rea, Sr. Angus McDonald Jesse Purdy Lieutenants Samuel Cottingham Cheeseman Moe Alex. Logie Richard Hughes Thomas Sowden Isaac Rea Gerald

Patentees still in Emily, Ontario, Canada

The family names of the following 145 original patentees are still to be found in Emily but not on the original farms: Edward Bailey, David Balfour James Balfour William Barrett James Best John Best Wm. Best John Blackwell Wm. Bradley Cornelius CaIlaghan Jeremiah Callaghan Samuel Carew Thomas Carew Edmond Callaghan Charles Chambers Patrick Clancy John

Patentee Survivals in Somerville, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. The following 13 patentees farms in Somerville remain with the original families: Ralph Byrne, VIII 3 John Coulter, II 2 Wm. Caudill, FR 12 George Eades, II 24 John Fell, I 13-14 Edward Hopkins,

5th Regiment of Durham Militia

5th Regiment of Durham Militia, Personnel of the Regimental Staff O. C. Lt. Col. A. S. Fraser 2nd-in-Command Major Jas. Wallace Captains Thomas Need John Langton Robert Dennistoun Duncan Cameron Jacob Ham James Dunsford Mossom Boyd Samuel Davidson Hector McDonald Gavin Hamilton Lieutenants George Toker Hartley Dunsford Israel Ferguson Geo. Hamilton Dundas Edward Atthill Benjamin

Persisting Pioneer Families Ops, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. Descendants of the following 56 pioneer patentees in Ops still hold the original farms today: Robert Blaylock XI 5 Francis Brady, V 6 William Brady, V 6 Owen Carlin, VI 9 Arthur Collins, IX

Original Patentees, not on original farm Somerville, Ontario, Canada

Descendants of the following 18 patentees are in the township but not on the original holdings: James Blackwell Benjamin Burtchaell George Cavanagh Joseph Eades Christopher Fell Amos Feren Eli Feren James Mitchell Alex. Murray Thomas Murray Robert Magahey Henry McGee Roderick O’Brien Alexander Rettie George Rumney Richard Stewart John Taylor James Umphrey

4th Peterborough Battalion

4th Peterborough (later 1st Victoria) Battalion O. C. Lt. Col. Edward Davidson 2nd-in-Command Major Francis Henderson Captains Wm. Cottingham Christopher Knowlson James Dunsford Mossom Boyd Lieutenants Chas. Hamilton Edward Davidson, Jr. Ensigns John Sullivan Charles Hartley Joseph Lee

Original Patentees, not on original farm, Ops, Ontario, Canada

The following 89 patentees families are represented but not on the old farms: Thomas Bell Philip Bennett Wm. Best James Blackwell John Blackwell Wm. Blackwell Michael Brady Philip Brady Garrett Brock Samuel Brown Charles Burke Elizabeth Burke Patrick Burke Robert Clarke Catherine Collins Timothy Collins Richard Connor David Corneil James Cudahee James Cunningham John Cunningham

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