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Bender Ancestors

The bulk of the Bender family in this country has come to be identified with that group of early Americans known as the “Pennsylvania Dutch”. The early English settlers coined this term and although they really meant to say “Deutsch”, meaning German, the word soon became corrupted into “Dutch”. They applied this name to those German, Swiss and even French Huguenots who had arrived here in the 1700’s and settled first in that small area roughly defined as south-central and eastern Pennsylvania.

Richard Dexter Genealogy, 1642-1904

Being a history of the descendants of Richard Dexter of Malden, Massachusetts, from the notes of John Haven Dexter and original researches. Richard Dexter, who was admitted an inhabitant of Boston (New England), Feb. 28, 1642, came from within ten miles of the town of Slane, Co. Meath, Ireland, and belonged to a branch of that family of Dexter who were descendants of Richard de Excester, the Lord Justice of Ireland. He, with his wife Bridget, and three or more children, fled to England from the great Irish Massacre of the Protestants which commenced Oct. 27, 1641. When Richard Dexter and family left England and by what vessel, we are unable to state, but he could not have remained there long, as we know he was living at Boston prior to Feb. 28, 1642.

Genealogy of the Yeargan Family 1730-1890

By the personal efforts of Leonidas Hilary Yeargan and Hilary H. L. Yeargan, two second cousins, who are great-grandsons of the original Rev. Andrew Yeargan, these memoirs have been obtained. The descent in this manuscript starts with Rev. Andrew Yeargan, who came from Wales about the year 1735 and settled in Virginia, ministering in the Roanoke and James River Valley. He married Ony Bowles and raised 10 sons and 1 daughter, namely: Andrew Yeargan, settled in South Carolina and raised two children, who’s identity is lost. John Yeargan,resided in Newbury County SC and raised two sons: John and Wiley. Samuel Yeargan,settled first in Newbury County SC and then Franklin County GA. Had at least one daughter, Sallie. Benjamin Yeargan, married Sarah Morgan, and had 4 children: Charlotte, Mark, Harriet and Bartlett. Would spell his name Yeargain. Jarratt F. Yeargan,married Amelia Patterson, and had 8 children: Benjamin, Patterson, Devereaux, Bartlett, Henry, Chesley, Charlotte and Sarah. Edward Yeargan, settled in Anderson County SC where he and his wife were killed by lightening. Raised a large family of children. James Yeargan,died a bachelor at his brother Devereaux’s house in Greenville County SC. Devereaux Yeargan, married and had the following sons: Andrew, Benjamin, Steven, Rufus and William. Bartlett Yeargan, married and had the following sons: Benjamin, William, Jarratt, Bartlett and Gideon. His descendants would spell their name as Yeargin. Williams Yeargan,married a Miss Bennett, and had the following sons: John, James, Philip and Bennett. His descendants lived in Illinois. Sarah Yeargan, married Burrell Hudson and raised a large family. Early in the 19th century finds Rev. Andrew and Ony Bowles in Greenville South...

Bartlett Family Genealogy

Typing on six onion skinned papers, Ralph Sylvester Bartlett presented his lineage in the early 1900’s. His Bartlett family were early pioneers in Kittery Maine in the section later known as Eliot Maine. Whether he ever meant to compile these pages into book form is left for you to interpret, but somebody did eventually compile the 6 pages they had of his family tree. We provide the entire 6 pages in digital format below the transcription.

Ralph Bacon Genealogy

The Bacon Family Genealogy descends the Bacon family tree through the children of Ralph Bacon, 2nd. Ralph was born in New York State abt the year 1777. At the age of 17, about the year 1794, he traveled to Painesville Ohio. Eventually acquiring some land there, he would marry Mary Jourden in 1801. In 1820 he moved his family to Crawford County, Ohio, owning houses and land in the townships of Liberty and Whetstone. His wife died 5 Oct 1845, he died 15 Jun 1849. This union would produce 13 offspring, twelve of whom would marry and raise families of their own. This Bacon Family Genealogy is their story.

William Lewis Genealogy

Professor K. O. Thompson, author of the Lewis Family Genealogy descended the family tree through the line of Nathaniel Lewis, son of William Lewis and Mary Cheevers, for nine total generations in this free manuscript. If you descend from Nathaniel Lewis or William Lewis then this rare manuscript could be quite valuable to you.

History Of The Gaines Family

This chapter will be of interest only to the Gaineses who are descended from James Gaines and his wife, who was Margaret Clore before her marriage to him. But since these will number quite a few the author has felt justified in devoting some space in his book to a chapter on his grand-mother, Margaret Clore Gaines. Michael Clore, sometimes called “Big Michael” because he was such a large man, was born in Culpepper or Madison County, Virginia, Dec. 4, 1746. He died Dec. 7, 1817. He was a gunsmith and cabinet maker by trade and contracted to make 12,000 stand of arms for General Washington-in the Revolutionary War. During this war the British captured his shops, and he was forced to run to prevent his own capture. He went with General Washington’s army after his shops, were captured as a gun repairer and gun tinker. He was a member of the Baptist church and a Freemason. Tradition says he was present at the initiation, passing and raising of General LaFayette in General Washington’s Army Lodge. After the war was over he held the meetings of his lodge in an upper room of his own log house until better quarters could be obtained. I allude here to an old letter of John Fishback, the administrator of his estate, which gives the names of his 15 children and number of grand-children and great-grand-children, but it fails -to state the ones to whom the children were married. Aaron Clore, my ancestor on my father’s mother’s side, was born in Virginia July 28, 1770, and died in Laurens County, S. C., in...

Descendants of Robert and Ruth Huestis

Robert1 Huestis1 , married Ruth d. soon after the birth of his only child, David. Probably lived in Dutchess County, N. Y. * David Huestis. David2 Huestis, son of Robert; m. Elizabeth Wooley in Dutchess County, N. Y. After the Revolutionary War, in which he was a soldier, David Huestis moved to Herkimer County, N. Y., where he raised his seven children: Robert Huestis, b. May 7, 1760; d. Aug. 17, 1835 ; m. Margaret Griggs. Abel m. Cynthia Gordinier (sister of Margaret). Rachel Huestis. Edward Huestis. Eleanor Huestis. Michael Huestis. Lydia Huestis. Abel Huestis. Michael3 Huestis, b. Aug. 8, 1772; m. at Kinderhook, Columbia County, N. Y., Margaret (called Peggy) Gordinier, who was b. Jan. 3, 1773 ; she d. Feb. 24, 1823,; her mother’s maiden name was Holmes. Michael Huestis came to Rodman, N. Y., in 1810, from Warren, Herkimer County, N. Y.; he settled in the northern part of the town where he engaged in farming; he served as Justice of the Peace for many years, and was in the mercantile business in Rodman. He d. May 8, 1849; both he and his wife are buried at Rodman. Children (11): Hannah Huestis, b. December 17, 1797 ; d. May 11, 1869 m. George W. Jenks ; four children: Mary, Alonzo, Maxwell, and Laura Ann. Mary m. Giles Glass; she owned the parrot called “Paul”. Family buried at Rodman. John Huestis, b. April 30, 1801 ; d. Jan. 26, 1858. Valariah Huestis, b. Jan. 27, 1803 ; d. Dec. 3, 1832 ; buried at Rodman; m. Levi Lawton; three children; Chancey, Orrin, and Jackson. Anna Huestis, b. 1809, triplet; m. Eber Cole Budlong...

The Descendants of Daniel and Hannah Edwards of Coventry CT

The following short genealogy has been transcribed from The Descendants of Rufus Edwards and His Wife Ruth Huestis Edwards: A Genealogical Record, by Jennie Melissa Patterson Davidson. In the actual manuscript Rufus is the 5th generation, so I’ve titled this page The Descendants of Daniel and Hannah Edwards of Coventry CT, which is more reflective of the entire manuscript. Also included in this book was a brief genealogy on the descendants of Robert and Ruth Huestis, who are the parents of Ruth Huestis. Daniel1 Edwards, Son of ______ and ______ (_____) Edwards, b. 1673, at _____; d. December 3, 1756, in his 83rd year; buried at Coventry, Conn. Daniel2 Edwards, Jr., Son of Daniel and _____ Edwards, b. — at_____; m. Hannah . Lived at Coventry, Conn. Children (10): Lucy Edwards, b. March 7, 1726. Elijah Edwards, b. September 12, 1727. Joseph Edwards, b. September 22, 1729. Beniah Edwards, b. March 14, 1731. Lurany Edwards, b. May 7, 1733. Samuel Edwards, b. July 27, 1738. Jobe Edwards,, b. September 4, 1740. * Adonijah Edwards, b. August 28, 1742; d. in 1831. Thomas Edwards, b. July 13, 1746; d. April 29, 1751 buried at Coventry. Daniel Edwards, b. April 21, 1748. Adonijah3 Edwards, son of Daniel Edwards, Jr., and Hannah his wife, of Coventry, Conn.; b. August 28, 1742, at Coventry; on February 28, 1765, at Coventry, Mary – called Polly – Searle or Searls. Adonijah Edwards served as a private with Stark’s Green Mountain Boys at the Battle of Bennington, in the Revolutionary War. Their two children, Rodolphus and Ralph, were born at Coventry; the others were probably born at...

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