Carteret County, North Carolina – Wills 1760-1799

A. 1777 ARTHUR, JOHN, James, Seth. B. 1719 BRICE, WILLIAM, Ann, William, Eliza, Frances. 1749 BORDEN, WILLIAM, William. 1753 BRICE, WILLIAM, Acton, Frances, Rigdon, William. 1766 BRYANT, NICHOLAS, Eleanor, John. 1769 BERKLEY, AYTWORTH, Abraham, Nancy. 1772 BENTHALL, REUBEN, Thomas, Jacob, Reuben, John. 1773 BENTHALL, JOHN, Reuben; Meadows, John. 1775 BELL, JOSEPH, David, Malachi, Caleb, Joseph,

Cabarrus County, North Carolina – Wills 1793-1797

A. 1793 ABENSHINE, CHRISTIAN, Rynhold (son). B. 1793 BARKER, GREENBERRY, Christopher. 1793 BERRY, GEORGE, Mary (wife). 1796 BARRINGER, ROTHIAS, John 1796 BOSHARD, JOHN, Jacob. C. 1793 CLAY, JOSEPH, Mary (wife). 1793 CORPEN, THEDFORD, Joseph. 1793 CORRIGIN, JAMES, Isabella (wife) ; James. D. 1793 DIETRICH, NICHOLAS, Mary (wife). F. 1794 FRANK, JACOB, 1797 FREEMAN, CLAVAN, Patience

Brunswick County, North Carolina – Wills 1762-1800

A. 1797 ALLEN, DRURY, Margaret (wife); Eskandah; James Ranaldson, Drewy Allen Ranaldson; Mary Moore and Nancy Moore. B. 1765 BERRY, DANIEL, Rebecca, Samuel. 1765 BOSHER, WILLIAM, Jean (wife). 1765 BRANTLEY, WILLIAM, Rachel (wife). 1767 BRADLEY, RACHEL, Hannah, Pariso and other children not named. 1789 BELL, JOHN, Phoebe (wife), Hannah, Robert; Eunice Bell; John Caine; Rebecca

Bladen County, North Carolina – Wills 1767-1806

A. 1778 ADAIR, JAMES, Robert, (son); Susanna McTyer (daughter); Adair McTyer (grandson); Elizabeth H. Cade (daughter). 1796 ANDRES. JOHN JR. Children (not named). B. 1767 BAILEY, THOMAS, Hester (wife); Thomas. 1772 BEARD, WILLIAM, Catherine (wife); James and John; Catherine Moore (daughter). 1774 BEATTY, JOHN, Margaret (wife); Mary BinsMan and Flora Harris (daughters). 1774 BENBOW, CHARLES,

Bertie County, North Carolina – Wills 1761-1799

A. 1762 ANDREWS, ABNER, Wife (not named), Margaret, Stephen and John. 1762 AZWELL, THOMAS, Ann Gibbons (mother), Ann Virgin (sister). 1771 ASKEW AARON, Martha (wife), Jesse, Moses, Martha, Sarah, Pheraba and Ann. 1771 AVERETT, HENRY, Martha (wife), Julia and Martha. 1771 ABINGDON, JAMES, wife (not named), James, Hardiman, Martha, Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Henry, Littleberry, Sarah

Caswell County, North Carolina – Wills 1777-1799

A. 1784 March. ALLEN, ROBERT, Hannah (wife); Josiah Allen (grandson). 1784 September. ATKINSON, ROBERT, Ransom, Patsy, Mary and Jane. 1788 July. ANTHONY, JOHN, Ursula (wife); Jonathan, Elijah, John, William, Joseph, Elizabeth (children); Nancy Stone, Sarah Boney and Jane Carder (daughters). B. 1777 June. BARNETT, ROBERT, Sarah (wife); Robert and Andrew. 1777 June. BUMPAS, SAMUEL, Mary

Beaufort County, North Carolina – Wills 1703-1799

A. 1759 ADAMS, JAMES, Mary (wife), James, Dorothy and Winifred. 1759 ALLEN, TIMOTHY, Rebecca (wife), Ephraim, Martha, Prudence, Salathiel, Jeremiah and Elizabeth. 1760 ADAMS, ANN, Kennedy and John. 1761 ALDERSON, JOHN, Ann (wife), Levi and Simeon. 1765 ABBOTT, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), James and Walter. 1783 ADAMS, JOHN, Ann (wife), Dinah. 1790 ARCHBELL, NATHAN, John, Nathan

Chatham County, North Carolina – Wills 1784-1799

A. 1784 ASHFORD, WILLIAM, John and Sarah. 1786 ALLEN, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), John and Betsy. 1789 ALSTON, WILLIAM, John J., William C., Oroondates, Mary Ann and Ann. 1795 ANDERSON, JAMES, Martha, Jane, Susanna and Mary, Lewis, Lucy; Holcomb and Henrietta, (sisters). B. 1784 BRASWELL, HENRY, Sarah (wife), Cynthia and William. 1784 BROWDER, ABNER, Wife (not

Anson County, North Carolina – Wills 1754-1802

A. 1760 ARMSTRONG, JAMES, William, Martin, James, Joseph. Benjamin, Mary and Matthew. 1780 AULD, JAMES, Rosanna (wife); John, Michael, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth. 1789 AULD, MICHAEL, Sedney (wife); John and Ann; Mary and Elizabeth (sisters); Rosanna (mother). 1802 ADCOCK, HENRY, Wife (not named); John, Thomas, Henry, James, Eleanor, Mary and Sapphire. B. 1785 BLACKFORD, SAMUEL,

Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800


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